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    A few weeks ago AZZA asked for my genius to come up with a new concept for survival. I couldn't do it :( . I did however strike an idea for creative, which he did say that server also needs to be improved so he can outdo himself.

    I took inspiration from the sims, plot themes, and world edit to come up with this idea.

    Prefabricated walls:


    The purpose behind these prefabricated walls is that a player can mix and match different wall sections to create a full facade. A GUI will be brought up after typing command "./prefab" and the player will be able to select the wall theme first, and then pick the individual wall section in the second menu. The chosen wall section should automatically //copy to the player's clipboard. They should be able to //rotate and //paste as normal. The wall sections should //copy facing north.

    In the photo above, the gold block marks my position as I //paste. Assuming I didn't //rotate it first, the wall should paste in this position (1 block south from where I was standing, since wall sections will face north by default.)

    Now if you haven't already noticed from the above photos, I created a demonstration prefabricated wall theme named "Sample" (its very low quality but I made it that way so it is easy to understand). From left to right there are six different wall sections named columns, large wall, small wall, window, arch, and entrance, respectively. Pretending that obtained them all from the /prefab GUI and pasted them, I made myself a facade!


    Isn't that a nifty idea?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!!?!!

    Requests for Prefabricated Wall Themes should follow these guidelines:
    • 6-15 Wall Sections included in the theme, and MUST include an entrance wall section. Names need to be provided for each section.
    • Create a sample of a complete facade using every type of wall section from the theme at least once, just for proof that the design can work as a whole.
    • Have overall charm.
    I think these would be great for the same reason plot themes are great. Even though players won't be technically building their own homes, they still have unlimited possibilities to how they can compose and customize the wall sections, resulting in a unique home on every plot.
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    An issue with this is that it may go too far in the "players design their own" builds area, where at a certain point, their build is just a combination of everyone else's. I think that if we implement this it should at least be a voting or donating perk :p
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    Give the player the option to create a section of a wall and then upload it to the gui as a save, maybe?

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