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  1. RazerH

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    Recently, as some of the currently online players know, I have created a pig army that will rule the Premium world. Quoting ryan3419, jcraftia, as well as NapkinDabber; "XD." This army seems to amuse my thoughts and opinions of the server and currently live in a secret location that very few know of. Some of you may be wondering how I managed to get this innocent minecraft creatures but the key to my success is simple, going to the premium world. These animals are not punished at all so do not accuse me of "Abusing animals for personal amusement," these animals are greatly enjoy their days at a location where they can well be. Thank you ryan3419 for the screen shot of me gathering the animals. Army of Animals photos. *Will be adding more photos as time goes on*

    Tell me your opinion of this, and if needed, there can be a debate upon this topic.
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  2. Ryan3419

    Ryan3419 Active Member Retired Staff

    This is awesome. (Awesome level 11/10)
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  3. NapkinDabber

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    PSSSSST! his location is at the notrth pole
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  4. RazerH

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    Maybe it is, maybe it isn't
  5. WaluigiTime

    WaluigiTime Active Member

    i didn't read any of that but i saw pig in it and i instantly was excited

    pigs are better than everyone, even you.
  6. Miner

    Miner Bye y'all Penguin Retired Staff

    Uncle Bacon wants you to join the Pigtopolis army
  7. RazerH

    RazerH Moderator Retired Staff

    I accept.

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