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    (This might be a long post but I'll try to make it as interesting as possible, so stay with me)

    You probably have noticed that I haven't been on the server for a few months, and I haven't, plenty of reasons behind that and i'd like to talk about them with you here, because this might well possibly be the last time I will be posting here or interacting with the community in general.

    REASON 1:
    I am no longer interested with Minecraft or anything PC related anymore

    I really lost interest in Minecraft a long time ago when I left the staff team, I primarily played because of NapkinDabber and vice versa, he is the only person I still talk to on a regular basis. However I've had some fun events in that time, I just decided not to play anymore. I've also been more caught up with school and my social life, such as friends that I haven't touched my keyboard, its actually super dusty.

    REASON 2:
    The community is dying

    You probably already know this, but the community is practically dead. I've wanted to talk about this for a long time and my personal opinion on why i think its dead. I don't really know if anyone is even on the server anymore because I haven't touched Minecraft in a billion years, but i can tell from the forums, Napkin is barely cracking 4 likes on his posts which is crazy unusual.

    (Don't get offended by this, i love the developers, they are just taking a strange path towards the server and this is my opinion)
    Why do I think this is happening? Though I know the developers probably have busy lives, they seem to put more time into creating ideas that won't help the community grow, just adding 'fun' perks. However I know they might be doing stuff about voting, no one is voting that much anymore and its because there is no community to vote. The server is filled with donators all the time, and when there are members online, they leave in the next following days because they get bored. Creative isn't doing it for everyone. Yes, skyblock interested people for a bit, but only for a month. Developers need to work primarily on new mini-games, something players can do constantly with friends that always has a random output. No, not just destroy the core, multiple games. Work on things for players to do before working on getting more players because as it seems, players come on, see there is nothing to do and leave. That's what happened with myself, i got bored. Once you get all the games worked on, people will join, ask others to play with them, boom, interested players. They will want their friends to join and play with them. Then you can build the player base and work on advertising and it works out better. Or you can always look at the dozens of player submitted game ideas and possibly create one. Something original is always better. Though, I haven't been on the server in a while, this is just an analysis of what i felt like was going on months ago, but i'm sure not much has changed looking at the forums.

    REASON 3:
    My computer

    I really have no need for my computer anymore so I'm getting rid of it

    I'm not posting this so you guys can say bye or anything, you most likely will just read over this and ignore this, I honestly don't care for any replies/likes. But feel free to do any of those, and I won't be coming back so don't think i'm going to be coming back and leaving a billion times every week like a portion of the people on this server who also post about it every time they do leave. So if you do reply, think of it as your final words to me personally. Also, if you have my social media for any reason, please don't give it out to anyone for any reason at all.

    Thank you.
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    Nothing wrong with dust.
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    Goodbye Kashman.
    Thanks for the fun and good times.
    Hope you go far in life.
    Good luck too.
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    yo good times, cya Kash
    Have fun out there bud
    Good luck!
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    See you mate,

    hope life treats you well & hope we can stay in contact some how :oops:
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    cringe x2
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    Who can say where the road goes.

    In all serious, we are all gonna miss ya.

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