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Discussion in 'Paintball' started by AffectedArc07, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. AffectedArc07

    AffectedArc07 Well-Known Member

    Well, i heard rumors that PB was removed due to a clear ripoff of another server. Im not saying names but thats what i heard. So my question is this. If its gone,

    - Why still in the /server menu
    - Why still a forum section

    Just my honest opinion. If you feel the need to leo, clean this up.
  2. Dusty

    Dusty Well-Known Member Penguin Retired Staff

    Well, it's just down, and it's not going back up until the new API comes out... Soooo yeah
  3. AffectedArc07

    AffectedArc07 Well-Known Member

    It was closed in december lol
  4. Dusty

    Dusty Well-Known Member Penguin Retired Staff

    No, it wasn't down for that long
  5. AffectedArc07

    AffectedArc07 Well-Known Member

    I swear it was
    (And i really dont wanna argue with a mod)
  6. Miner

    Miner Bye y'all Penguin Retired Staff

    PB wasn't closed in december, it was closed this spring, also it's not gone from "server ripoff", it's down until the API is released.
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