Painting weapons, maids and Mami not without her head

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    The title sounds like something Buzzfeed would write.

    For some reason I forgot to include my traditional artwork in my previous thread (you can read it here) so I'll be sharing it now : )

    Reimu in her Final Form™

    Isn't he handsome? He deserves a kiss!

    I thought drawing a mix of a penis and intestines would be fun. It was.

    You've heard of my eyes are up here now get ready for -

    Yes, a rabbit that says oink. Oinking in my skin right now.

    Beefy boy onii-chan ; )

    However, I also promised maids and Mami, so here it is!
    This is just a tiny fracture of all my weeaboo merch I got :3c
    @knewnie you love maids? ; )

    Touhou merch in this post: 2
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    goood maids. i want that mami to be my mommy
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