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  1. OptimusZambie

    OptimusZambie Active Member

    IGN: OptimusZombie

    Alternative accounts: N/A

    Previous in-game names (If applicable): DrOptimusZombie, OptimusZombieHD, OptimusZombiieee, JingleMyBellz, ShiaLaBeoufDOIT

    Age & year of birth: 15 (2003)

    Discord: OptimusZombie#6604

    Country & Timezone: United States of America, Eastern Standard Time

    Current BuildCraftia Rank: MVP

    Current Reputation: 10


    - Moderator Application -

    Why would you like to become a Moderator?: Ever since I've joined, I've applied for almost every application. Due to my extensive record and lack of maturity I was denied with reason. I feel as if I could be of help to newcomers, as well as those who just have a question or two. Helping people is something that brings joy to me, and I feel a responsibility to uphold. Being a BuildCraftia Moderator would allow me the opportunity to help others get acquainted with the server I know well. I wish to become a Moderator because I know I can offer the same support that the current/past staff has offered me.

    What makes you different to other applicants?: I've seen the short end of the straw on many occasions, I know what it is like, and I understand why the staff operates the way they do. I believe I can use my past to aid my future attempts to keep the server in order while still keeping the fun about. If promoted to the Moderator position, I could definitely do my part to prove that I've not only changed, but that I'm willing to help the server move along,

    Do you have any past experience with moderating?: I used to be an admin on another server in which I will not name. It was a bit demanding, but I got a chance to keep the server from any pestilences.

    If a user asked you for help, e.g. with plot commands, how would you respond? : Typically I format it so that it appears important to the player.
    New Player: How do I get a plot?
    Me: Hello, (User)! To get started with a new plot, type "/plot auto" to claim a random plot automatically.

    New Player: How do I change the time and biome?
    Me: To alter the plot settings type "/plot menu".

    If a user asked you a question you are unable to answer, what would you do?: I would ask another staff member. If no other staff member was online, I'd ask in the discord chat. Meanwhile, I'd ask the player if they could wait.

    What have you done in the past for BuildCraftia?: I've never had any involvement as a staff member, but I've been a member for a few years.

    What could you do in the future for BuildCraftia?: I find it enjoyable to start community projects, as well as helping others build. What they can't do, I'll see to it that I can help them to the best of my ability. I also have a lot of creative insight to give.


    Additional Information -

    Amount of time a day / week you can come online: Almost always, I'm available Friday-Sunday

    Which of the BuildCraftia server(s) are you most active on?: Creative/Survival

    How many staff application have you made previously?: 4

    Anything else we should know? : Let my past record be an anchor for what I will make different.


    Tell us about yourself: I'm from Baltimore Maryland, I was born in Munich, Germany. I'm 15 years of age, I go to an arts high school for Acting. I enjoy (bear with me) biking, photography, soccer, sketching, baking, acting, piano, origami, and knitting.


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