Official Build Competitions Revival and Overhaul

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Napkin, Jun 11, 2018.

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    Y’all remember the BC Build competitions? AZZA would pick a theme and you had a week to build that theme? The last one we did was in November 2016. I participated in one them and it was competitive and fun.

    As far as I know, AZZA has now gained apprenticeship under Quicksteve and is being taught the coding secrets by the penguin himself! So that’s cool we have codevelopers now. But that leaves less time for him to participate in community engagement, which I repeat time and time again, is the most important aspect of BC.

    Staff had mentioned that the administrator rank is now awarded to those who have an intense creative drive and make big plans to progress the server forward. I think the administrator rank should now host new Official Build Competitions. Not only will it bring back the competitions for regular scheduling, but also provide a new responsibility on admins to really prove their worthiness of the rank.

    As for the competitions themselves, fish could be an alternative prize instead of free trails or pets or whatever. Or prizes could remain the same.

    I think it would be great to see these again but, what are your thoughts? (Link to the first ever competition)
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    We (I) have always loved build competitions on the server but we held some last year and there turned out to be only 1 or 2 serious competitors.
    The competitions are just not viable if there are too few members participating in it.

    I guess we could fix that by announcing it and only starting it with a minimum of 5 applicants. There is no great way to do this though, youd have to announce it cross plattform. Might actually be doable now that I think about it.
    We can ping everyone via discord.
    Make a forum post
    and have one of those books open up when you log in (assuming people read those)

    We could have people enter via the forums untill we hit a decent amount of applicants.

    Alright I convinced myself that we need build competitions back haha
    Maybe we could even make a warp build that showcases every entry with teleports like the hall of fame.

    I do feel like fish is a debatable prize, not a lot of people use it. But I guess you could combine stuff ofc. And being in the hall of fame as winner might be a cool reason to enter too. (just like warps) I might want to restrict the amount of plots though, especially when you have a week to build it. That makes the comp a bit more fair for people with only a single plot available to them. Also think a week is not enough time, maybe 2 weeks or a month? Idk, it probably has its pros and cons.
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    @Napkin We are bringing the Buildcontests back.

    Thanks for the great idea!
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