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Discussion in 'Drama' started by Napkin, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. Napkin

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    So I built a mermaid statue. Her nipples were exposed. Staff censored them while I was offline. I lost my shit for about 4 minutes.

    Now this thread isn't being posted to rip on the staff team at all; I am 100% on board with their decision to cover up the nipples of my mermaid. Most of the staff had already seen this build before and appreciated it from an artistic standpoint. But I knew I was breaking the "inappropriate builds" rule when I built them. So it was beyond understandable that the staff followed through with censorship.

    Most of you know that I love creating works of art, and over the span of time nudity has become part of my masterpiece arsenal. I think that is something that has been pretty well established by me and should just be common knowledge within the small community of BC. I don't really have any perverted or sexual intentions with any masterpiece that has a touch of nudity. I might make an ironic sexual joke just to be stupid, but I feel like those are also pretty obvious quirks about me that are also well established in the BC community. Point in case, most things I that I do on this server, even the bizarre things, are with innocent intentions, and you all know it.

    Unfortunately for this mermaid I built, I allowed the wrong manchildren (not naming names) to view it and they thought it would be a good idea to draw unnecessary attention to the build and thats when the whole staff team had to get involved. And that whole incident would've been completely fine if the players in question would have ACTUALLY found the build unsightly, or actually cared about the rules. But like I mentioned before, these are the server manchildren who ruined this for me. They've been banned like 9 times already and eat fucking edgy memes for breakfast lunch and dinner. They really made a big deal out of something they actually don't give two shits about. (A staff member filled me in with this information since I was offline when it happened)

    To reiterate, I'm not at all mad that I have to cover up this mermaids tiddies. It's cool; I can still make her look extravagant. But it has come to my attention that most of you dummies are like within a 3 year age gap of me, and you still went out of your way to embarrass the fuck out of me by acting like an 11 year old who just attended his first sex ed class. I'm lucky that I'm NapkinDabber because the way that I see it, if I was some obscure new player, your obnoxious behavior would've gotten me permanently banned.

    To conclude, the whole lesson to be learned with this thread is just because you're a player who doesn't give a shit about your own reputation, that doesn't mean you should go around fucking up the reputations of other people. I'm too old to really care deeply about this insignificant event, but it's still pretty sad. I really thought this server grew out of that assholes + retards phase a few years ago, but some of y'all insist on continuing the tradition.
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  2. Alkaline

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    Hey Napkin!

    So i'm not really sure how your reputation got harmed in this whole ordeal since I wasn't even present when this happened.

    But I feel like our staff team needs to apologize in this situation.

    We are the ones who should be upholding the rules, but trough years of different players, with each different in tastes compared to the other, the rules have blurred to the point that there are times when they are not clear anymore. I can only speak from my personal experiences, but there have been multiple times where we had situations that should have been attended but werent just because "thats how BC is".
    It is easy to let something slide and have other people be the judge of something. Drd's forum post is a good example of that, why would his innapropriate art forum post be allowed but your statue wouldnt? Its because we have yet to find the golden standard in situations like these.

    To my knowledge multiple people knew about this statue, myself included, but from here on out we will try to take appropriate actions in these situations without involving the entire community. To minimize "reputation damage".

    We apologize for your inconvenience.

    - alk
    - staff team
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  3. Napkin

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    Staff doesn’t need to apologize lmao y’all are just following the rules. I was told that this whole thing was blown out of proportion by some regular players acting stupid. And if it wasn’t those players’ fault and it was purely staff decision, you were just following staffs protocol, which is fine too. (although if that’s the case idk why I was lied to)

    As for my reputation specifically, it didn’t get ruined, but I was still really embarrassed. I was thinking about the reputation more in the shoes of a hypothetical lesser known player.
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  4. DoctaCirno

    DoctaCirno Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    I think people should consider two things - Is it harming anyone? and Does it bring joy to people?
    In this case of a bit of nudity I think the answers are no and yes - No, it does not really harm anyone, and yes, it does bring joy seeing the artwork, which I am sure Napkin has used a great deal of time on. I am pretty sure the players who are going to witness the artwork are the regulars that are fully capable of understanding the delicacies of nudity - more so than a little kid, of course.
    Besides, the staff could ask Napkin about the artwork - what is the intention, the final outcome, etc. - and even suggest him to change the artwork a little, or if you want to be extreme - erect a wall around the build, there are lots of those around anyways.

    Free the nips!

    - A Nudism Admirer : )

    @Alkaline my thread involving some of my recent art did not get ignored - the apparently inappropriate (and gay shit, rip) artworks got deleted
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  5. Alkaline

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    Well thats just the thing though, we were not. Not all of us anyway. If we had then this would have been nipped in the bud way before this happened.
    If a new player would have made something like this we would have cleared it the moment we saw it. But because you have a history with BC we kinda let it slide.
    We need to treat everyone the same, and not make too many exeptions like this in the future. I can only give my own word for the future of course, but if I personally see something like this, on the plot world or any other public world, then I will deal with them accordingly.


    I see your point but thats not how it works lol. You cant just assume that only the regulars will see the builds that contain nudity. We cant make arguments based on assumptions anyway.
    This is a kids server if you like it or not. We cant decide what age will come on or not and we can never interrogate everyone who makes things like these because we simply do not see everything that is made. We also can not decide how to define profanity without making it a huge discussion probably.
    Private worlds/realms are fine, use those. Either that or block the view to it and deny everyone.

    This is just my opinion of course.
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  6. DoctaCirno

    DoctaCirno Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Ah, I see.
    Of course, the staff cannot interrogate everyone, however, if a player sees the build and reports it, then the staff would find the build and deal with it, am I correct? Then, if I am, the staff could do /p i to find out who the owner of the plot is and then deal with them like I suggested - ask, suggest, etc. Of course, the staff may not have that much time to always do this, because it would be very time-consuming.
  7. Alkaline

    Alkaline Administrator Staff Member Administrator Event Winner


    Well yes if you are talking about people actually reporting stuff, but they dont do that. They make a fuss about it like with Napkin yesterday apparently...
    But my point was not about after the fact, its about staff already knowing about the plot, not doing anything about it and all of a sudden it has to dissapear or be censored.
    We need to make the rules crystal clear so people, especially staff, knows whats allowed or not. The way things are solved is a whole other matter, we can delete stuff by force or just ask the builders to censor it.
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  8. DoctaCirno

    DoctaCirno Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Not reporting?! What insolence! Need to establish a rule about at least 5 reports a day or ban!!!!!!
    Anyway. Jokes aside. That would be absolute hell.
    Ah, I see. It appears I misinterpreted your words. Yes, it might just be the right thing to actually establish absolute crystal clear rules - the staff would be able to make more righteous decisions, which could potentially save a player from being banned, or the other way around. However, if the rules are that crystal clear it might seem like the server is very strict, and a lot of people do not like that - including myself (but I like when staff execute things I like, what a hypocrite I am, burn me at the stake : ))
    There are always consequences when doing stuff - good and bad - and they affect all of us, of course.

    By the way, did you notice my mentioning of you in my previous answer?
  9. Alkaline

    Alkaline Administrator Staff Member Administrator Event Winner


    Well I mean crystal clear as in clear concerning the steps staff can take when someone breaks/bends the rules. Not being stricter per se. We want everyone within staff to do the same thing, not that 1 person allows it and the other doesnt like it. Find a good middle ground.

    Also no I did not see that last line you wrote, but I can tell you that I was the one who removed them. I already told you that they might get removed though, but I didnt remove the entire thread. Just the "Extra" stuff.
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