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    we have released the new Survival spawn as well as some other minor changes to the game-play.

    We thought it would be wise to put everything in one place. The new spawn holds the general information about the server, the player market as well as the admin shops. You can no longer access to old spawn, as it has been unloaded from the server. If you had a shop in the old market, a refund of $5,000 should have been added to your balance.

    Player Market
    The new market holds 80 shop slots, so there’s plenty of space. The new shops are slightly smaller than the old ones, hence their reduced price at $4,000. The good spots are taken fast, so be sure to get yours now!

    Admin Shops
    We have changed the admin shops to be less overpowered. There is fewer shops than before, but you can now buy some new items such as elytras and shulker boxes. More information about admin shops and their contents will be added soon.

    About Making Money
    We’ve seen some confusion and frustration about how players can earn money on the Survival server, as there is now fewer Admin Shops to use. We want to declare, there’s more ways to earn money than just the Admin Shops. You can for example:
    • Create your own shop and sell items to players
    • Offer your services (building, redstone help etc.) to other players for a pay
    • Get money from the Banker Kit (600 Reputation)
    • Use the /f2m command, which converts your Fish into Survival currency. Please note that this cannot be reverted after the exchange!

    Minor fixes

    • Fixed death announcement messages not showing properly
    • Added new death announcement messages
    • Added the /vote command for Survival
      • You still need to claim your voting perks by joining the Creative Server
    • Updated all plugins
    • Fixed some Reputation perks
    • Added more penguins
    Thanks for reading, and have an amazing time on BuildCraftia Survival! Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
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    ItsAzza, you make me proud to be part of this server! The new survival spawn and the economy is a work of art. In honor of your work, I am making a donation to the server.
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