New Moderators - Winter 2016

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  1. Dusty

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    It is time to finally announce who the new moderators are! The staff discussed who should be staff for about an hour (give or take some time for banter chat). We ultimately decided to promote not three new staff members, but four new moderators. I am proud to announce these new members now. Please welcome MissRemmi, MewBeach, ItsJohnConsarnIt, and last, but not least, FatherFan!
    Please welcome each and every one of these new members when you see them next!
    For our new moderators,
    PhoenixStudios, __Alkaline__, and I (DustyAshton) will help to train you, so feel free to ask us, or any of the other staff members if you have any questions.

    Once again, congratulations to these new staff members!
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  2. johnyman333

    johnyman333 The John Penguin

    I finally did it!
    Shows what you know MOM
  3. Lewis

    Lewis Active Member Retired Staff

    Congratulations Everyone!
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  4. FatherFan

    FatherFan Priest Mod combo Staff Member Moderator Penguin

    Congratulations to my dear homeboy ItsJohnConsarnIt, my resident Canadian Remmi, and the queen of humor, Mew.
    I hope the quartet of us can be very successful in our time as mods! :)
  5. yvagary

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    Congrats to everyone!!
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  6. Tntdestroyr

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    congrats and good luck u guys, hope for the best. :D
  7. epikplayer

    epikplayer Active Member Penguin

    This can't possibly go wrong... Welcome!
    Welcome back! We'll have a campfire session where we'll roast some hot dogs together.

    GET IT GAHAHhAhAhahAhA im SO FUnnY plewease dont bAN ME this was a bad idea
  8. JeremyC

    JeremyC Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Me and remmi have reinstated at one point, now we need napkin to reinstate for mod for the threesome to be reunited once more!
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  9. TNTMan1289

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  10. yvagary

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    this made me laugh a lot and idk why
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  11. DoctaCirno

    DoctaCirno Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Congrats c:
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  12. Bins

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