(NEW KIT!) Glider Bomber

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    The Glider Bomber provides support from above! Through the power of elytra, a user can boost into the air and glide over their enemy. Splash potions can be dropped from above to devastate those below. Not great on the ground, as the Glider Bomber's natural home can be found in the sky. Once you've earned your wings you are ready to take to the skies. Can be used as a stealth class if needed. Feather falling boots can provide landing gear. Spectral arrows can be great for marking enemies for your fellow teammates.

    Included Items:
    - 3 Lingering potions of poison
    - 3 Lingering potions of harming
    - Elytra with low durability
    - 3 Firework rockets
    - 5 Apples
    - 32 Clay (currently terracotta)
    - Wood sword
    - Iron pickaxe
    - Bow
    - 32 Spectral arrows
    - Leather helmet
    - Chain mail pants
    - No chestplate
    - Iron boots (Enchanted with feather falling IV for a safe landing)

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  2. Wordguy

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    I like this kit, but it does feel a little overpowered in a sense. It could EASILY be used to reach the opposing player's core (Such as Biomes) and beat them before the other player even has a chance. 3 or even 2 players with this kit on one team could dominate the game and win in a matter of minutes
  3. Napkin

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    Maybe have the elytra on its last use each time you spawn so you can only use the flight once or twice per life or something.

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