My Leave... (Temporarily Gone, For A Few Months.)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Bins, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Bins

    Bins Well-Known Member

    Hello Everyone,

    Today I realised that I have lost interest in BuildCraftia and Minecraft really in general. I always used to come on with a happy face and having fun, now I just find it boring. Now, I'm not saying that it is about the Staff or Staff's choices.I plan to be gone for a few months 1-3 or 4. This period of time I will be probably being more productive and will probably be excelling more at school. I'll be on for a few more days, probably. But I guess, I'll see you all in a few months.

    Thank you everyone who made me feel to stay for a bit, and made me not leave a while ago; vintage_chicken, DrDecember05, Wordguy, mrfishfishy, RazerH and AffectedArc07..


    P.S. I may be on the forums once or twice a week though.
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  2. MrIvy

    MrIvy Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Your reasons for leaving are similar to mine, although nowadays I hop on when I'm in the mood and not constantly and that way I don't get completely sick of playing Minecraft. See you in a few months!
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  3. mrfishfishy

    mrfishfishy Well-Known Member

    ;-; I cri everiteim. I will miss u bins. #FINS5LIFE
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  4. Wordguy

    Wordguy Well-Known Member Penguin

    I will miss you, little Hobo.
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  5. DoctaCirno

    DoctaCirno Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Well, it's your choice, and I respect the desitions you choose, Bins.
    I, and probably all the players on BC will miss you in those months!!

    Cya, Hobo, and HAVE FUN AND DO GREAT!! :>

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  6. RazerH

    RazerH Moderator Retired Staff

    Thread moved, it was in the wrong sub forum section.
  7. Bins

    Bins Well-Known Member

    Sorry about that...
  8. Jessie

    Jessie Ex-Ownerbear Retired Staff

    Awwh, Binzie Boo, I'll miss seeing you on, and if you ever need anything, you know where to find me <3
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  9. Dusty

    Dusty Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    Cya Bins! You'll be missed.
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  10. athletedan

    athletedan Active Member

    Cya bins! Il miss you!
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  11. Remmi

    Remmi Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator Penguin

    same bruv

    licks fer respects
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  12. johnyman333

    johnyman333 The John Penguin

    Buildcraftia will definitely miss its original hobo...
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  13. smallonion

    smallonion Active Member

    this is ilke the exact same reason i left :) glad you made the decision
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