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    Hey, the weekend arrived really quickly.

    We have decided to open the Moderator Applications for the summer of 2017. This time, we will be electing two new Moderators to strengthen our staff team.

    Moderating the server is an honour, but at the end it should be enjoyable for both the staff member and the player. Being a staff members requires patience, dedication and enthusiasm. If you feel like you are the person we are looking for, you should most definitely apply for the position.

    You can find the Summer 2017 Moderator Application forum here:

    Please post your applications on the sub-forum by creating an application thread. I have already prepared an application format, and be warned, it is slightly modified from past formats.

    Moderator applications will close on Sunday, the 11th at 7PM BST. The new elected staff Members will get announced either on Sunday or Monday.

    Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor. Have a great weekend on BuildCraftia.
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