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    Reputation Update

    Hey guys, it’s finally here! We have cleaned all the wrapping paper that the penguin servants left after them and the server is now ready for all of you!

    Yes, we know this update has been a long time coming, but are finally here to announce our Reputation Update to BuildCraftia Network. We haven’t kept you waiting for nothing since this is no doubt the biggest update ever in the history of BuildCraftia.

    This update brings some great features to our server, as well as it makes our server completely compliant for Mojang EULA. If you want to read more about Mojang’s EULA, you can do so here and here.

    This update is huge and we simply cannot fit this in one single thread. This one is going to be more of an update log, and we’ll link the threads explaining features in more detail in here.

    Minecraft 1.11

    Minecraft 1.11 is here and we’re now updated to it. You can only join using a 1.11 client. Plethora of new features and numerous bug fixes. Woodland mansions, the mind boggling shulker boxes, new mobs, elytra changes… A lot of new things to explore. This is especially awesome for our Survival players. You can check Mojang’s website for all the updates in Minecraft 1.11, Java Edition or you can always explore them by yourself.


    With Reputation, we can reward players for playing in the server and helping it to get more players. Gaining Reputation will give you perks along the way. But beware! You can lose these perks. Your Reputation decreases every time you break the rules and you get punished for it.

    You can read the thorough explanation and all the rewards you can get here. You can also use the new /reputation perks command to see what perks you get in-game.

    Remember, you can still suggest us Reputation perks to add. Some features are given to the new ranks, so please make sure your suggested feature isn’t already in there.


    We have changed how voting works. When you vote, you will receive 30 Fish (Network Currency) and 10 Reputation. You will only get Reputation once in 24 hours, but you can get Fish up to 4 times by voting in the websites provided. You can get these sites by running the /vote command.

    The old perks on VoteShop no longer work. Most of these perks are now available with Reputation. Read more about Voting and Reputation here.


    Because of Mojang’s EULA, we have had to change the ranks that are bought after this update. Everything you have bought so far, stay as they are. This will only affect new ranks bought after today.

    Some items we cannot any longer sell for real money include more plots, more homes and WorldEdit. These perks are awarded to players with Reputation (see above).

    What do we give to the ranks, then? That’s a good question and it’s been a great challenge for us to figure out. You can find all the information about new rank perks here. Old rank holders will also receive all the new cosmetic perks of the equivalent rank.

    Note! Any perks you have bought so far, have not or will not change.

    Other updates
    • Updated webstore: Updated all the information for ranks, added pets back, added the new 1.11 mobs available as a pet pack, removed the old Creative Worlds, added Private World server (Alpha), added a way to just donate for no perks, added some more awesome graphics
    • Updated server commands & signs: Updated all information for ranks, created a new command for Reputation perks (/reputation perks), updated all information at spawn to match new information, updated some server commands to match the new rank permissions
    • Added new features to /fun: Thanks to your suggestions we added /glow and /levitate to the commands
    • Added new Creative spawn: Okay, if you still didn’t know about this… Where have you been all these weeks? Anyways, if you haven’t seen it, you can go to spawn using /spawn
    Bug fixes
    • Added LagBuster(™): There’s a limit on armor stands and other entities (paintings, item frames, boats, fireworks) per area; you can no longer spawn boats, experience bottles or potions with a dispenser; shortened the lifespan of arrow entities; potions or experience bottles no longer work
    • Database performance increased
    • Added more penguins: We have increased the size of our army
    • Other small bug fixes
    If you have any questions regarding any of these updates, please post them in the appropriate thread(s) or annoy @Dusty. Please report any bugs in their appropriate threads below Bugs & Suggestions.

    Thanks for reading, and as always have an amazing time with the update. Explore, build, communicate. Have an awesome upcoming year in BuildCraftia!
  2. Dusty

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    Leo is a cheater.
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  3. Quicksteve

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    No bunnies were harmed in the making of this update, but a few magically disappeared and turned up in my food??
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  4. Dusty

    Dusty Well-Known Member Penguin Retired Staff

    Yeah just like a few penguin servants may have disappeared on their trip... they'll be returned "safely" after paintball is updated <3
  5. JeremyC

    JeremyC Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    Very good work. One quick question tho. When will the new game modes (mega parkour, Dax, paintball) be released? In addition, will survival be reset?

    Other then these, thank you very much for working endlessly to get this update out, I'm sure it will be amazing.
  6. JustThomas26

    JustThomas26 New Member

    I can't join with 1.10 or 1.11, help?
  7. Dusty

    Dusty Well-Known Member Penguin Retired Staff

    You have to join with 1.11.2, otherwise it won't work. Hopes this helps!
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  8. FatherFan

    FatherFan Priest Mod combo Staff Member Moderator Penguin

    +1 strike count
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  9. LumenFidei

    LumenFidei Well-Known Member Penguin

    Fantastic job @Quicksteve

    I wonder how many hours of coding went into this! Thank you for all of your hard work!
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  10. Wordguy

    Wordguy Shultz#7997 Staff Member Moderator Penguin

    I currently cannot falcon punch, nor do I have access to all trails (as the perks listed when I bought the penguin rank) will this be fixed or is it permanent?
  11. Dusty

    Dusty Well-Known Member Penguin Retired Staff

    You're probably set to the wrong rank. I'll check it out later today
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  12. Quicksteve

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    Dax? Anyway mega parkour should be relatively soon and Paintball will be released n̶e̶v̶e̶r̶ soonish(tm).

    Survival will not be reset.
  13. epikplayer

    epikplayer Active Member Penguin

    :( rip decorating and firework shows
    Already had to majorly change shows due to this. There shouldn't be limits to entities in an area. It is nice to have the freedom to build as you want to. Using item frames and armorstands and paintings are important to what i build, and now I have to remove them just to get my show to work a tad better. It still works very poorly however.
    i generally like the rest of the update i guess
  14. ItsAZZA

    ItsAZZA BuildCraftia Owner Staff Member Administrator Owner

    LagBuster is an ongoing project for myself and I try improve it all the time. I have increased some limits and whitelisted some items. It'd be appreciated if you tested your firework display once again.

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