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    Hey, I’m here to present yet another update for BuildCraftia. We’ve been working to improve your experience of gameplay on our Creative server. We have been making sure it is a smooth experience and added a few nifty features.

    Content: 1. Plot Settings Menu, 2. Banner Menu, 3. Plot Themes, 4. Other Changes

    1. Plot Settings
    Some of you may remember the plot settings menu (/plot settings). It lets you change your plot’s settings such as the biome, music, gamemode and weather. We have spend some time re-coding the whole thing and adding some new features.

    Settings main menu.

    With the new menu, you’re able to change:
    • Gamemode
    • Biome
    • Time
    • Weather
    • Music
    • Plot variables (see below)

    1.1. Plot Biomes
    The plot biome menu is also accessible by using /p biome on your plot. The menu shows you the current biome, and you are able to change the biome by clicking the desired biome.


    1.2. Plot Variables (true/false flags)
    With this new menu you can easily the change your plot’s true/false flags. Flags that are set to true are shown as glowing. You can toggle the flag by clicking it. Remember, that some of these flags (e.g. ice melting, grass growth…) do not work on Creative, because they cannot override server settings (... yet).


    2. Banner Menu


    We have had the banner for a while now… Now we finally have the Alphabet & Number banner creator in it. You can select the base and font colors for your banners and then get the completed banners (alphabets and numbers).

    The banner menu can be accessed with /banners - it holds a lot of cool banners for you to use. If you have a suggestion for a banner to be added, please use /submitbanner while holding a banner. Send the link to myself (ItsAZZA) via Discord of in-game.

    3. Plot Themes
    Plot themes continue to evolve - here are some of the latest features.

    Change the theme after claiming
    You can now change the plot theme after you have claimed the plot. At the moment, this only works with single plots. Please note that changing the plot theme will clear the plot and apply the new theme. You are asked to confirm this before the theme is applied.

    Apply theme on /plot claim
    You are now able to select a plot theme when claiming a plot using /plot claim.

    Biomes on themes
    Biomes are now part of themes. Some themes now apply a biome to your plot when you select them. You are able to change this by yourself.

    More themes
    We have added more themes to the regular world. There are some more themes coming for the nether and end dimension plot worlds later, so stay tuned for those! If you have some great ideas for themes in mind, please do not hesitate to contact - yours might be added to the themes list.

    4. Other Changes
    Smaller changes worth mentioning. Be sure to stay update on our changes by following the #changelog channel on our Discord server (
    • Added /plot count command which shows the player the total amount of plots they have claimed
    • Fixed Creative server announcements not visible to players
    • Render distance is now dynamic! This means at times, you are able to see farther than 10 chunks (tested with 42 chunks). Based on server performance the render distance is reduced or raised accordingly
    • Fixed “Flight not enabled” bug on Destroy The Core
    • Fixed an error with a spawn point in map “Columbia”
    • Ranks are now shown separately on Discord
    • Players can now earn up to 103 with Reputation, as they get their first extra plot at 10 Reputation
    • Fixed hammers on Survival
    Should you come across any bugs, please be sure to report them to a staff member. And as always, have an awesome week on BuildCraftia.
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    "Build it and they will come!" Thank you Azza for your great attention to detail and perseverance!

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