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  1. JeremyC

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    So this kit would be a medic kit, much like what you would see in games like call of duty, clash of clans, or boom beach. So the medic kit would have a rifle that has the same firing rate as a regular rifle but only does 1/3 damage on the target instead of 3/4 damage. To make up for this, the medic gets the following items

    5 Revive bottles

    Speed 1

    Give a regen effect to anyone on their team within a 10 block radius. The regen would be 1 heart gained back every 5-10 seconds, depending on how it would be balanced.

    Just a little idea I had for paintball.
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  2. Dusty

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    Sounds purdy cool... but I'll still rek everyone.
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    Not sure about the regen, but the additional bottles sound like a nice idea... noted.
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  4. JeremyC

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    oke :D

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