Denied LittleKreeper's Appeal

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by LittleKreeper, Apr 16, 2017.

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  1. LittleKreeper

    LittleKreeper New Member


    Date of Ban:
    12th December 2016

    Reason of Ban:

    Banner (from the ban screen or

    Reason of Unban:
    I have high doubts this will work, but I don't care, I am fighting for my friends. I miss this community, I miss it no matter if its dying or if it's dead. I will stick with this server until it closes its doors. I was given the opportunity by azza to appeal again, but now every time I DO appeal AZZA denies it. And I have a comment to make. "Not wanted in this community" many MANY people want me back, such as: Lee, Wolfi, TNT, Mew, FatherFan, Lumen, Lea, Hestia, just to name a few, who I will remind you are some of your most frequent players, and I will fight and fight until I get to see them again. I WILL fight. I don't care if azza denies this but my stance stands, I will never ever EVER give up. I want to be back, I have made many many mistakes but as a wise man once said "A man is not defined for his mistakes of the past but yet rather what he makes of those mistakes and how he changes for the future" So I beg you to please let me back. but if you don't I will continue fighting.
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  2. FatherFan

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    Hi there, and thank you for appealing your permanent ban!

    This time, it's not AZZA who will be handling your appeal, it's me, FatherFan. Live and in stereo. Don't adjust your computer or whatever, just listen in.
    In the eyes of the staff team, we gave you countless chances to amend your ways on BuildCraftia. For the last 5 consecutive bans previous, we told you, (and I quote) "This is your last chance." 5 tries later, and we had failed to make a change. At this point, we resolved to permanently ban you. Drama is something we, as a staff team and along with the community, don't want happening on a consistent basis. Drama is something that is not preferred on BuildCraftia, and considering that it became an expectation when you logged on, we needed a course of action that would make a change.
    As a side note, I'd like to note that your comments and behavior on the BuildCraftia Discord server don't help you in your case for appealing, as such comments were rude and immature, proving that you are still not fit for the community as a whole.

    And so, after consultation with the rest of the staff team, we have decided to deny your ban appeal.

    Thank you, and have a great day.

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