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  1. Wordguy

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    I got this idea from Fan yesterday when he said each kit had pros and cons. I will sort them by team help, enemy destruction, self help, and PVP.

    Team- It can help guard the core from a distance, but if a Tank or Melee comes up, your forced to bow spam or use a wooden sword.
    Enemy Destruction- Once again, great from a far, but not for breaking a core, since it's low protection.
    Self Help- It can help, but another archer or a Melee or a Tank can blow you to kingdom come.
    PVP- Good at far away combat, but once an enemy comes up, it's game over, basically.

    Team- Great for bridging, but it's pretty much instant kill if any kit comes up to you.
    Enemy Destruction- Due to mass amount of blocks and low amount of health, this isn't good for core destruction.
    Self Help- I mainly use this kit to build sky bridges, but it hardly help as people with archer can shoot you off.
    PVP- This kit can't do PVP at all, no good armor, sword, or bow.

    Team- Great for rush maps, but not too great at bridging, as you can get shot off easily.
    Enemy Destreuction- With good armor and sword, this would be a great way to break the enemies core, and this kit can kill a lot of pesky archers.
    Self Help- Has good armor and a good sword, can fend off enemies pretty great!
    PVP- This is one of the best kits at PVP, due to its chain armor and iron enchanted sword.

    Team- I've noticed there's no way you can use this as a defense, or sometimes as an offense, without people getting REALLY mad. I would recommend not using this on bridge maps such as Railcannon or Biomes, but more on rush maps, like Town and Over The Hil
    Enemy Destruction- Good armor, but not a good sword. This could do great during a gold cores event, as the TNT blows straight throw it. You'll still have to break the beacon though.
    Self Help- Most people suicide bomb with this, as you only get 4 TNT per life, but it is still good because of its armor.
    PVP- Not so great at PVP, unless you can blow up your enemy.

    Team- This is fabulous for rush maps. You can run faster then most of your team, probably get first kill, and manage to strafe around your opponents.
    Enemy Destruction- Not great armor or weapon, but can clear a path for the greatest core destroyer, the Runner and Tank actually work well together.
    Self Help- If your in a time of need, just run. No other kit except another Runner can go as fast as you, just run SANIC FASSST
    PVP- Not very good at PVP, but circle strafe works great!

    Team- Not good at guarding, or fighting from a distance, but this kit can get up close.
    Enemy Destruction- This kit is the best chance to destroy the core, as it has the enchanted pick axe.
    Self Help- Can't really do much, but hide in the iron armor you have
    PVP- Can get up close and destroy almost every enemy, just avoid them bow spammers.

    Now I will show you what kit I recommend for each map.
    Avalanche- Melee, Tank, or Bomber
    Biomes- Archer or Melee
    Castles- Archer, Melee, or Tank
    Autumn- Archer or Builder
    Winter- Archer, Builder, Melee
    Town- Bomber, Runner, Tank, Melee
    Over The Hill- Bomber, Tank, Melee
    Dance of Blossoms- Bomber, Runner, Melee
    Rats Den- Bomber, Tank, Melee
    Colombia- Runner, Melee, Archer, Bomber
    Auraura- Builder, Tank, Bomber
  2. NapkinDabber

    NapkinDabber Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    I would agree with about all of this
  3. MacMeBenny

    MacMeBenny Founder Retired Staff

    So... just use Melee. :p
  4. Wordguy

    Wordguy Well-Known Member Penguin

    Well, they each have a purpose. If you want to annoy your enemy, use bomber. If you want to focus on destroying the core, choose Tank. If you want to make a sky bridge, choose Builder. Each kit has different values, but Melee
  5. HestiaMinecraft

    HestiaMinecraft Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    I thought Bomber was for annoying everyone.
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  6. RazerH

    RazerH Moderator Retired Staff

    Unless you are in Auraura

    (Possible Future map; Boom)
    Best kits
    - Bomber (make an easy pathway to your victory)

    - Archer (snipe your opponents and hit them off the sides)

    - Runner (parkour from roof to roof and go for it, not good for running across the floor of the map considering there are traps all over there)

    Surprisingly, I don't think Meelee would be good here as in the places that actually have space, there is just too much space with out getting sniped from a roof where you really can't do anything about it, and the fact there is just too many traps to not get killed while fighting at least once
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  7. Olocool17

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  8. Wordguy

    Wordguy Well-Known Member Penguin

    Someone can run across the floor fast enough yknow.m
  9. NapkinDabber

    NapkinDabber Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    In aurora I use builder. You can easily climb up your mountain and create a stealthy sky bridge that makes it all the way to the other side. I have never been noticed whilst doing this because the bridge is so high up and have destroyed several cores with it.
  10. RazerH

    RazerH Moderator Retired Staff

    too many traps
  11. JeremyC

    JeremyC Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    I just use archer on void maps, melee on non void maps and bomber when im in a dick mood :>
  12. RazerH

    RazerH Moderator Retired Staff

    You would probably use bomber on my map too

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