Kings of the Forums. (A Kashkin Documentary!)

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    I am NapkinDabber. I have made a number of friends on BuildCraftia, but none have been anything like Kashers. To put into words, Kashers is literally the same person as me, but two years younger... okay that's not completely true, but we both have presented ourselves as 12 year old boys on the server who harrass everyone, and when it comes time to act mature, we can switch up our personality in a pinch. Our story about why we're so close is actually a little more complicated than us having common interests, though. And believe it or not, there are times where our story has gotten deep end depressing. What seems to be an itching dependency for eachother on the server isn't always a joke. We have learned from and taught each other almost as if we were brothers. Kashers and I are not just washed up goofballs. We need to start from the VERY BEGINING:

    Imagine this; it was Christmas 2013 and I'm sitting around building my lil Christmas plot, and then I read the stupidest thing I have ever seen in chat:

    "I'm a popular kid in school and I also have abs."

    Some dumb kid named XKingKashX.

    "You sound really stupid." I said.

    "Oh yeah well your not popular in school and your probably an ugly nerd"

    I never saw that kid again for the remainder of the month. Kash doesn't remember any of that but I do quite vividly.

    I took a break from BC until about March 2014 with the introduction of Arcadia. I donated and made two close friendships with JeremyClarkson10 and Remmi83 and the rest of my Arcadian bretherin. It was fun meeting these people who's existence I wasn't even aware of (the old popular members tended to not get online, so these faces were not BC iconic like they are today.)
    I did get helper. A fresh new server. And then this new player named XKingKashX joined one day.

    Oh god was I mad to see this boy again. But like I said, he remembers none of it happening. In fact I felt general pity for him, because when he joined Arcadia he seemed so helpless and confused as to what exactly happened to BuildCraftia. I basically kept him up to date with everything that I was aware of at the time. He was pretty thankful that I was there to help.

    He eventually managed to get staff after awhile and made room for himself in my little friend group of Jeremy and Remmi. We all got along very well back then. Kash was still a douchebag, but because we were close friends, I saw it more of an inconvenient trait as opposed to something I completely despised him for.

    As a group of 4, (5 if you include Bubbles) we still remained pretty close when we rebranded as Buildcraftia in summer 2014. We all got mod and we're more than thrilled to start a survival team together on the new server as team Napkin. (Back then, they all looked at me as a leader, in contrast to now where we all view each other as equals.) This strong friendship is basically what kicked started Napkin Comics in late 2014, following the adventures of Napkin, Remmi, Jeremy, and Kash. Also going on at this time, Kash was the hot topic of the server, for his funny forum shitposting, and his big involvement on the server itself. It was fantastic. It's what I want the server to feel like again.

    Survival eventually got reset by 2015. Our new team was bigger,but still had the original 4 practically leading the others. About this point in time is when Kash had major mood swing problems, and it was finally affecting the people around him. Nobody could pretend like he didn't act like a piece of doodoo like we used to be able to. There was general corruption in the survival team. There was a side who was for Kash, which consisted of Me and Ivy. And the side against Kash consisting of the other 9 members.

    I will actually complete this story tomorrow I'm tired as a mug rn
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    I'm sorry, I lost it at "I'm as tired as a mug"
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    I remember when I was saltier than dusty's saltine crackers
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    I don't eat saltine crackers.
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    Jeez Dusty we know calm down
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    He was right
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    and you gotta change your signature because I say NO
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    I'm going to finish this story in memory of Kash :(

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