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    This second mob kit involves wolves.

    I also feel like I suggested this a really long time ago but idk

    Wolves will help you attack the baddies.

    You are equipped with:
    *Full leather armor
    *Wood sword
    *Iron Pickaxe
    *32 blocks
    *1 wolf egg
    *16 bones (for those stubborn wolves)
    *4 apples

    You are also buffed with speed 1

    *Wolves assist you in attacking an enemy

    *They will attempt to defend you

    * Even if you are escaping someone wolves will continue to attack that person

    *If you die they will still survive

    *They will teleport to you.

    *With the decent weaponry provided in DTC's kits, wolves can easily die.

    *They may get in the way of your building and attacks.

    * Armor is relatively weak

    * Taming wolves may waste some time.
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