John's Tidbits Issue #8 (Napkin Edition!)

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    I hope everyone is enjoying back to school!! Unless some of you individuals have graduated or dropped out or something....

    AAAND Back to School means autumn is among us, which means pumpkin spice lattes and UGG boots!! I actually haven't seen a pair of UGG boots in awhile maybe they are out of fashion now.

    John allowed me to do the 8th Edition, obviously because I am BC's only 8-ball. And as such, my one sole purpose left on this server is to keep the forums relevant and entertaining. A tidbit has not dropped since February, so it's time to get right into the news!


    So, I don't really know what's up with the server because my on-time tends to be very random and spontaneous, and also I deleted MC, but I'm just going to assume it's about the same as it has been all year. ALL of us, even the administration team, knows that 2016-2017 has been the all time LOW of player count. I actually think this is worse than Arcadia's numbers. But obviously we're still chugging along with substantial donations so that's pretty good. I've barely ever voted I will admit. We, the ranked players don't benefit a whole lot off of voting except for if we need the most exquisite of commands. Hopefully with the CubedCon coming up, BC can attract some newcomers to play on the server. Try not to say cringey stuff the first moment a player joins. I know it's super fun, but the new players aren't too amused by it.

    I ain't no chef! But as a Pacific Islander, I do know how to make Musubi. It's a staple dish in Hawai'i, but I think it actually originated in Japan or something.

    ....I'm lying I don't know how to make anything except for a bowl of cereal, but everyone else in my family knows how to make this stuff. Here's the wikiHow for instructions:

    A lot of you probably think spam is disgusting, which is understandable. But trust me, Spam Musubi is absolute fire, and is a must try dish if you visit Hawai'i.

    Yikes I really do need to learn how to cook.

    I was scrolling through Instagram one time and came across an ad that captivated me for like 45 seconds before I moved on with my life. But then I saw the ad at least 5 more times, so I finally clicked on it to see what's up.

    The Biopop Dino Pet is a mini saltwater aquarium teeming with microscopic life called Dinoflagellates. Dinoflagellates are planktonic organisms that float on the Epipelagic layer of all the worlds oceans. Like all plankton, they don't do anything interesting; they just sit around soaking up the sunlight and photosynthesizing and being at the bottom of the food chain. BUT this is trickery! At night, these organisms glow through the natural process of bioluminescence. You know, the same thing that fireflies and glow worms do. But now you can see this natural wonder occur right on your desk, but only at night when you're sleeping and want it to be dark.

    The Dinosaur shape really TURNED ME OFF. It turns out that they also have a simple sphere version, for grown decorators like me. Maybe I'll ask for one for Christmas or something. The Dino and Ball both cost $59.95 and can be found on



    Sticking with the aquatic theme, here's a product that is for your home aquarium. The MOAI robot not only cleans the glass of your tank, but also takes pictures of your fishies while it's on the move! It works on both freshwater and saltwater tanks, and Bluetooth links with your smartphone, just like every other piece of modern technology does. This product is actually not even available yet, but the creators have a kickstarter that has far exceeded the donation goals so I guess it will be up and coming. Check it out at: and maybe pledge to donate if you're interested enough.

    The downside though, is I'm pretty sure it's set to be half the price of an iPhone or something.

    Unlike John, I don't know anything about rocks or minerals. So my take on nature will be about plants.

    Today we focus on the Dwarf Water Lily, scientifically known as Nymphaea Sp.

    I have been trying to grow this species of lily in my aquarium for weeks. I bought 13 bulbs and only 1 has sprouted. You can find these plants bulbs easily at PetSmart, Petco, and even Walmart! They're typically packaged in a plastic box, and they look like hairy walnuts. If you plan on buying these plants, make sure you buy a couple packs of them, because they often sprout by chance. They have a guaranteed 30 day growth or you can send your bulb back to the shipper and they'll replace it with a younger plant bulb. Good plants will float at first, but then sink after they soak up enough water. You can tell if your plant isn't going to sprout if it never sinks to the bottom after a little while. The dud plants will eventually rot and stink, often growing a white algae or fungus on them. If you get a successful bulb, these plants literally require no maintenance. They are very hardy and can grow in any size container with any temperature of water. You don't need to put this in an aquarium, you can have a simple jar and it will grow. It starts with short submerged leaves, and the the actual lilypads will shoot up to the top later. You can cut the lily pads off if you just want the small submerged part of the plant. This plant is cheap and easy to take care of and will give any drab part of your bedroom a handsome dash of red. 10/10 recommend.

    Have a good School Year kiddos! Thanks for reading <3

    -Napkin ~a partner of John Co.
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    the dinoflagellates actually look pretty cool i might ask for one as well
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    Sausage party is a sin!
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