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    - Prerequisite Information -

    IGN: ItsLewisC

    Alternative accounts: N/A

    Previous in-game names (If applicable): ItsMeLewisC , Lewis1max

    Age & year of birth: 15 (December 20th, 2001)

    Discord: ItsLewis#0048

    Country & Timezone: United Kingdom - (BST)

    Current BuildCraftia Rank: MVP (Legacy)

    Current Reputation: 10


    - Moderator Application -

    Why would you like to become a Moderator?: Since joining in 2012, I've loved Buildcraftia, it's my favourite server and I haven't found one quite like it, its amazing community, the opportunities for players and it's all round small server feel! In addition to all that, I love the server because everybody knows each other, people are close and its such a good thing compared to other commercial servers where there are only friend groups who go on together and fail to talk to and meet others! - I'm dragging on what I love now instead of answering the question, but it's the reason why I want to be moderator, to emphasise my love for the server, and to support new members, as well as the older ones. Increasing player count is also something I'd be passionate about e.g. being part of a team that strives to make the server more attractive for new members.

    What makes you different to other applicants?: I hate this question because every time I don't see a fault in any applicant. I guess out of the current applicants I've been on the server the longest. I'm quite forward thinking and my personality is obviously different to others.

    Do you have any past experience with moderating?: From 2012-2015 I ran quite a few little servers of my own and had to deal with small amounts of players, not really a lot compared to Buildcraftia peak times but I have had that experience.

    If a user asked you for help, e.g. with plot commands, how would you respond? : I'd try my best to help them of course! Whether it's just telling them, instructing them to use a command or actually physically showing them how to do what they want to do.

    If a user asked you a question you are unable to answer, what would you do?: I would probably take these 3 steps:
    • Ask someone online if they know.
    • If it's a command I don't know, maybe look into the internet.
    • Ask a fellow mod or a senior staff member.
    And in the unlikely event that all these steps fail, apologise to the user and suggest other options.

    What have you done in the past for BuildCraftia?: Unlike many others, I've not created amazing mini-games, or amazing structures to dedicate players on Buildcraftia. But I've always tried my best to involve the community in projects, from my little town roleplays back in the day to my current realm which I have tried to involve the wider community with.

    What could you do in the future for BuildCraftia?: As I said in my introduction, I would love to brainstorm and assist the staff team in increasing player count and making the server more attractive and welcoming for new members. I'd also like to create more community events, maybe a new BC newsletter and anything that the members want! I have quite significant admin (As in office admin, not like the rank admin :p) skills and if needed, I could put them to use for the server!


    Additional Information -

    Amount of time a day / week you can come online: It's summer soon and I can a minimum of 4 hours during summer and a maximum of like 8+. I am in my most important year in school after summer and so that could get in the way a little bit but I'd try my best to be active every day for at least an hour.

    Which of the BuildCraftia server(s) are you most active on?: My realm & Creative

    How many staff application have you made previously?: I think either 4 or 5.

    Anything else we should know? : Just that I am thankful for the opportunity and whatever the outcome thanks for letting me apply!


    Tell us about yourself: I'm 15, British and extremely patriotic about that part Haha. My pass times are walking/playing/cuddling with my dog, coming on Buildcraftia, editing on Wikipedia :p and spending too many hours on youtube!
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