Introducing Plot Themes + more

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    Hey everyone,

    It’s finally time for another update, the first major one this year. We have so many new features coming up your way, so you’d better keep your eyes peeled.

    Introducing plot themes

    Screenshot of the savanna plot theme

    We know it’s a hassle trying to get started with your plot: the terrain is a piece of a flat grass field. We came up with a solution: plot themes.

    What are plot themes?
    Plot themes are pre-made terrain that gets applied to your plot upon claiming. These are easy to access with the brand new /plot auto menu. At the moment, this is the only way to get a theme for your plot. We have plans to release a version of the plot theme menu, which lets you change the theme after claiming the plot.

    Plot world selection

    Plot theme selection for regular plot world

    We have made 11 custom themes for the regular plot world. More themes will be added later! We are working on adding themes for the other plot worlds as well.

    Mega Taiga
    Ice Flats

    Reputation perks
    The Reputation perk menu is back! You can access the menu with /rep perks on Creative.


    Bug fixes and smaller updates
    Most of these have been mentioned in the #changelog on Discord (
    • Fixed some Reputation perks
      • Changed the amount of homes you get on Survival for Reputation
      • Added /craft at 70 Reputation on Survival
      • Added /enderchest at 200 Reputation on Survival
    • Changes in Survival marketplace
      • Added parrots, llamas, donkeys and mules
      • Fixed the playermarket region messages and changed message prefix to [BuildCraftia]
    • ChestShop updates
      • Displayname now shows correctly in signs
      • Auto filling item ID
      • New /cstoggle command (toggle out of stock/shop full messages)
    • Fixed teleporter at survival spawn
    • Added information NPCs to Survival marketplace
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    Great job Azza! Now we just need to find a way to advertise better! :)
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