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    Hello, I am NapkinDabber.

    Everyone knows me. I was the coolest player of 2015. But the glory days are over : (

    I've been playing on BC since May 2013 making that a cool 4 years of napkin. I was in middle school when I started and I just graduated high school the other day.

    I wasn't really well known until I became a helper on Arcadia. My reputation hit fast because of my edgy behavior on the server. I was well renowned for my flirting gimmick and utter lack of respect for girls or their consent. The boys loved it!
    Through this unacceptable behavior I made friends with Remmi, Jeremy and Kash. I eventually made a short series of about 14 comics based on the 4 players which everyone ate up.

    Everyone started hating and Ignoring Kashers except me. I do not function very well on the server without him, so when I get online, I habitually mention his name in about every other sentence. I don't complete my builds or have meaningful conversation because he was 99% of my server life. He's doing big boy stuff now though, and I'm proud.

    My passion for BC and its forums quickly plummeted after his inconsistent ontime and still continues to plummet as I find more entertainment in the outside world.

    I'm mostly known nowadays for my plans to escape BC which at maximum, work for a month. When I do return, I usually post my fine arts instead of my cartoons and do a funny little status update. It's good to catch up!

    Little napkin facts:

    *The 5 people I consider to be my closest friends on the server in order are - Kash, Remmi, John, Jeremy, TNTMan

    *I have 2 forums accounts as a result of the first one being shut down in a BC escape plan that lasted for 3 months

    *I wouldn't consider it to be rare to find me on the actual server, but somewhere closer to uncommon. Forums are a different story.

    *My skin has been an anthropomorphic 8 ball since late 2013, but has gone through several design changes. My original skin was supposed to be irl me but luckily I made a mistake with the hat layer and got mad and made the 8-ball instead.

    *I specialize in organic building and statues. (When I do build.. which is almost never)

    *I have never been banned or muted or warned , despite me saying and building some pretty tasteless things in the past 4 years.

    *Kashers and I used to trash talk in private everyone and everything BC related.

    *MissRemmi and I made an oath to never join staff again...

    *I never share my political views with BC players because it's not worth arguing with them about. When politics get brought up in chat I usually leave cause I don't want to see that shit like I don't already have the news networks blasting off in my house.

    *My favorite server is Chaos

    *Ive made at least 3 leaving threads

    *I have been the only player who has got away with posting explicit and suggestive art on forums, even though its against BC rules. Same thing applies to some of my statues on the server.

    *I posted this to keep the forums alive
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    At least you care about the forums.

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