I have to move on with my life. Like, for real.

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    I realize that threads like these are considered the biggest joke on the server, but I thought it would be wrong for me to disappear without disclosing any final thoughts that I had...

    Kash recently came back to host the 3rd BCAwards. He himself did not ever plan on coming back and following through with an awards show, but I asked him to come online so I can play a game with him one final time (I don't really play video games so BC was the only option.) Reintroducing the awards show was just an afterthought. We decided to do a final show so that Kash could redeem himself, but more importantly so that I could game out with him and do something huge. But for the past month I've been getting HUGE urges to quit. I confided in Kash about some recent BC drama and he offered me the co-host position so that I could leave this server with a good final impression. If you participated in the awards show, then you should know I definitely failed to provide a good final impression. I was just kind of on stage and didn't care. And that's just how I feel about most things that happen on this server now. There's not enough to work with on BC anymore to spark some emotional response within me.

    I've been on this server for over 5 years now. That means I spent all 4 years of high school on here. When I was in 9th and 10th grade, I would play on BC for at least 4 hours a day. I stopped doing my homework and stopped hanging out with my real friends and started getting pissy with my parents just so I could maintain popularity with some internet people on some Minecraft server. Realizing that really hurts me now. I wish I could've spent my time doing something more, and I'm never going to get those highschool years back. Starting around 11th grade, I toned down my ontime significantly in response to the previous years, but I still played a lot.

    I was online when MacMeBenny said "I'm tired of this, lets go back to being BC!" and everyone was super excited about it. But Since Arcadia was converted back into BC, things have become increasingly stale and broken. And player base has been consistently low. I don't wish for this server to crash and burn or anything, but I have no confidence that BC can ever be restored to what it used to be, ya feel?

    And here I am now finally quitting. What makes this different from any other time I said I would quit? Nothing; except that I'm actually doing it this time.

    It's been really fun, but I don't want to be on here anymore. I can't spend my college years having an internet persona and supporting a server that can barely support itself. Thanks for everything though.

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