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    /astools (or /ast) is a plugin useful for creating custom armorstands on Creative/Realms Servers. It can be obtained via Reputation or Voting (1 Vote = 1 Hour of use!). It has many useful features, such as making armor stands have arms, invisible, tiny, and so on. I've seen quite a few people get confused on how to use /ast, so I decided to create a guide on how to use it!

    Page 1: Summoning, Multi-Tool, Rotating, & Moving
    The very first page of /ast is the most useful, and the hardest to manage! The very first thing you should do when making a custom armor stand, is to place an armor stand! You can do this by right clicking the armor stand into your inventory onto the ground. This will place an armor stand with Iron Armor and arms. When you do this, the armor stand will be in a "Carry" state, where it follows your cursor around. To drop the stand, simply right click again.
    The next tool is the Multi-Tool (Nether Star). With this you can equip your armor stand, add weapons, and more! Here you can see a picture of the Multi-Tool, and I will go over what each tool does specifically. To open this menu, right click your armor stand with the nether star!

    Nametag- This will give your armor stand a nametag, like other mobs!
    Steve Head- By clicking this you can give your armor stand a custom player head!
    Golden Nugget- This makes your armor stand visible/invisible. Keep in mind it does not change armor!
    Feather- You can use this to pick up your armor stand into the "Carry" state. Right click to set it down!
    Glowstone Dust- This will make a copy of your armor stand, and bring it into the "Carry" state!
    Diamond- This creates a command block to summon your stand. This is currently blocked.
    Arrow- This enables/disables arms on your armor stand!
    Book- This enables/disables the baseplate on your armor stand!
    Emerald- This changes the armor stand from being a baby sized, to a normal size!
    Ghast Tear- This enables/disables your armor stand's vulnerability to gravity!
    Golden Carrot- This enables/disables the invulnerability on your armor stand!
    Iron Hoe- This enables/disables the ability to equip/remove armor from your stand!

    The armor slots are pretty self explanatory. Simply put armor in the middle, with the items that the hands will hold on the sides of the chestplate.
    The next tool is the rotation tool (Magma Cream)

    This tool changes the direction of the armor stand, depending on where you click on the stand. To change the direction, right click the magma cream on the armor stand, and it will change. Clicking the upper or lower parts of the stand will make it face more south, but closer to the middle will cause the stand to face north!
    The next 3 tools are the Moving Tools (Shears)

    These 3 items can change the armor stand's placement very precisely, in case setting it to the "Carry" state was too shaky (See in the Multi-Tool). There are 3 sets of shears for this, one labeled "Move X", another labeled "Move Y", and the last labeled "Move Z". Right clicking the armor stand causes it to move across the axis of it's respective shears. They will move further away from the world's center upon right clicking, unless you shift. While shifting + right clicking, the armor stand will move upon the axis towards 0,0,0
    I'll finish this guide with pages 2-4 soon!
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    awesome tutorial/guide!
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