House glitching

Discussion in 'Paintball Bugs & Suggestions' started by FatherFan, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. FatherFan

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    Hey, recently, I've been playing PB, and usually, on almost all maps, people decide to trap themselves within houses, and even the spawn room. It gets annoying when people decide to go AFK in a place where the other team cannot shoot them. Or, they get stubborn and harrass the other team that they can't kill them, waning my and other's patience.
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  2. JeremyC

    JeremyC Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    please fix this <3
  3. MacMeBenny

    MacMeBenny Founder Retired Staff

    Either the maps will be modified or we will make it so you can't paint pressure plates, wildgrass, or doors.
  4. Quicksteve

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    The plugin will be modified so that only full blocks (e.g. stone brick, stained clay, full glass blocks) can be painted.
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