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    Hey it's Mike (The premium) I would like to introduce myself. Even though most of you already know me because I've been on for about 2 and a half years now. I don't have a perfect life like everybody I wear braces oh well I did. I got them removed 7 days ago. Later on in my life I will have to have jaw surgery :(.
    I live in Scottsdale Arizona. I'm usually a very nice person. People say I'm a good leader or I guess there just being nice. Anyway My full in real life name is
    Michael Lee Winningham. II live in a medium sized house near my school.
    And that's all I really have to say about myself. That's all I really know about myself. My building skills in creative arent that good. But I got da luck in survival :). [​IMG]
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    Hey there :)
  3. Lee

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    Hello there ^-^
  4. Mike

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    Jesus, I had a pretty low mental capacity back then.
  5. Mike

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    Many of you might know me as Wildchildmike, or just Mike the premium. I'm surprised with how much I remember about some of the older members, spending a couple years on and off getting to know you guys. It's really hard to believe that I started playing Buildcraftia in 2012, I was 9 back then! It's really weird looking back at some of my forum posts from 2014 and seeing where my mind was back then! Anyways, it's nice revisiting such a fun part of my childhood. I'll probably cruise around the forums for a week or two before hopping off, it's nice seeing everyone again.
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    I don't look at the forums that much either. Nice to meet you Mike, see you in a few years! :)

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