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    Happy New Year To BuildCraftia!

    It's been a wonderful year in BuildCraftia and that's all thanks to the dedicated community of players. Thank you for playing in BuildCraftia in 2015! We sure hope you continue to do so in 2016 as well. Hugs to all of you from us!

    It has been an eventful year of 2015 in BuildCraftia. A lot has happened, both good and not so good. The ups and downs are the ground essentials for life. Without them there would not be something called life. The year 2015 included accusations, wins, losses, mistakes and right choices…

    A lot of good friends were made but also many of our beloved ones have left their goodbyes to the server. I want to remember them with warmth and wish them an awesome New Year of 2016. Keep up with your goals in life and never let go of our dreams! Take your school seriously because it will define the rest of your life.

    In the summer of 2015 I left to the Finnish Defence Forces to go through my conscription. It has been half a year now and another half a year is left. Since I have been promoted many times during my conscription. At the moment, you can call me a corporal. I am still going to continue working on the server during my free time as much as I can.

    I know I have not been the best owner during 2015, admitting that I can be quick-tempered when things don’t go according to my plans and the way I want. There's things I would do otherwise now. I do have strong opinions of things, but I will try my best to take other’s opinions into consideration. In the army I have learned some essentials of myself and being a leader which has helped a lot. And, as our trainers in the army say: “Nobody's perfect. It will take lot of time to grow up as a person, especially as a leader. It is a process that lasts a lifetime.”

    During the summer and my absence something awesome happened. Our wonderful developer Quicksteve decided to finish his API for BuildCraftia. It had been a long process and a lot of thought and effort has been put into that. We are still running beta testing on the API but the progress has been incredible and I want to give big thanks to Quicksteve for working on his free time! We hope to get new gamemodes and minigames working in the near future; built 100% with our own code and imagination.

    A lot happened, and there's no way possible to include them all in here. So much to tell, so little space. There is, however, an awesome thread by Wordguy where he goes through the year’s events month by month. Check the thread here: http://bcsn.us/forum/index.php?threads/3301/

    We wish that you continue to give feedback and ideas, as you did last year. We started taking public opinions more into our decisions. There is a lot of improvement to do but I strongly believe we’re going to the right direction.

    We want to affect new players better to our server. I have noticed there is a lot of conversations between our donor players and the new players are pretty much left out. I wish that us all make a New Year’s Resolution on this. I want all of us to take new players more into the game. Answer to their questions, take them with you and be friendly to them. Small things make a difference!

    We want to wish you an awesome New Year and as always, have an awesome year of 2016 in BuildCraftia! Let's make it a special one; together!

    In the behalf of BuildCraftia Staff,
    BuildCraftia Owner
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  2. smallonion

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    <3 u azza
    it still feels like 2007 was last year but whatever
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  3. Mipsu

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    the year you were born in :')
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  4. smallonion

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    smh no
    i was born in 2012 wtf ru talking about
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  5. Kaiziieee

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    Happy new year to you too! May this year bring fantastic things to our server, let's go 2016!!!!!
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  6. Wordguy

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    Ayyy thanks for the thread mention.

    This year's gone by so fast, it's hard to believe I'm going onto my 4th year of BC!
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  7. Quicksteve

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    Happy new year peeps!
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  8. Jessie

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    Ever thought about doing YouTube banners
  9. ItsAZZA

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    YouTube banners? Well... I don't really know... :p
  10. Jessie

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    There's a first for everythingggg
  11. Olocool17

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    Yeah, but I started making YT banners first on BC, so that spot's taken :)
  12. Jessie

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    make me one pl0x
  13. Mipsu

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    channel name? (juuuuust curiouusss)
  14. MacMeBenny

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    Well said, Niko!
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