Happy Holidays!

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    Hey, and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah… Happy Holidays in general, whatever you may be celebrating this time a year. We hope you have had a great time so far at Christmas, spending time with your closest ones; parents, significant others, grandparents… whoever it might be.

    Remember that by joining us by December 25th, you’ll receive a free polar bear pet. By donating before December 25th 10PM GMT (5PM EST) you’ll contribute to our charity donating as 25% of December’s income will be donated to a charity helping people in Aleppo, Syria. So far we have raised around $65 for our charity goal. Amazing! You still have some time to buy your ranks and contribute to the server as well as to a good cause. You can read more about all of this here.

    For today and tomorrow (24-25th of December) until 10PM GMT (5PM EST) we’re a hosting a 50% sale for ALL RANKS & PETS!

    Warning! 'Tis an extremely long post but I suggest reading it all the way through.

    Our thanks!

    So it’s beginning to be the time of the year to give our thanks to all of our phenomenal players. We want to thank each and every one of you for being part of BuildCraftia this year. Building, contributing, creating content, using Forums, suggesting ideas, reporting bugs… Everything is ever so valuable for us!

    Thanks for all of our donors for keeping our server up and running with their donations month after month. The most special thank you must go to LumenFidei who is no doubt our biggest donor of the year. Donating his wealth to others in terms of ranks. Let’s all thank him down below, in-game and on Discord. Thank you!

    Thank you for all builders providing us with awesome builds one after another. So many new warps and other means of showing builds have been created. We have the most amazing building community in Minecraft! We have plans to praise this more to the Minecraft community and we hope you will too! Share your builds on PlanetMinecraft, YouTuber, Twitter… It all helps to bring interested players to our server.

    Thanks for all the feedback. Opinions and constructive criticism helps us to improve our server all the time. Thanks for positive and negative feedback. We love to hear you opinion and your ideas for the server. We have added new features, plugins and improvements thanks to your suggestions and reports! Thanks!

    Big thanks to our ever so great staff team members who have moderated the server for countless hours. Without you, our server would be a total chaos all around. Thanks for helping, thanks for moderating… Thanks for everything you’re willing to do for the server in your free time. Thank you so much!

    Enormously big thanks to our developer, Leo (Quicksteve). Without him, BuildCraftia wouldn’t be much. He has been working more than enough to keep the server up and running. Updates, plugin issues and new ideas have colored his year. We should all give him a big thanks for all the hard work he does for the server. Usually, something you cannot see (database optimizations, plugin updates, server management), but it’s so much! Thank you, Leo!

    Big thanks to anyone playing, really! Every single one of you count and you are all extremely valuable and important to us! Thanks <3

    The year in review

    There has been a lot happening in BuildCraftia this year. Good, bad… and something in between.

    In January we released the SkyBlock server which was a blast at the time! People could now chat in between servers, in other words, the chats were connected. We also hosted one building competition after a long long time.

    At the end of January, we proposed the new server… And not long after did Leo and myself take the control of BuildCraftia Network and we said our goodbyes to the long time leader of BuildCraftia, Zach (MacMeBenny). Since then we’ve been heartily contributing for the server in our free time.


    The first half of the year was otherwise pretty tame on the server, due to my heavily scheduled time in my conscription and Quicksteve's also extremely busy spring. I got demobilized from army on June and I was able to somewhat increase my activity on the server. We did a double update on our server, updating from 1.8 to 1.10 in one go. That’s all thanks to our more than amazing developer, Quicksteve.


    In July, we got new staff members joining our team. After my absence, both Survival and Creative got a bug update featuring tons of fixes for common issues. We added some more features to Survival, as well.


    In August, we got an amazing deal. We promised to host TangoTek’s (https://www.youtube.com/user/TangoTekLP) Patreon Minecraft server. Tango was pleased by our offer, and was relieved as we offered a solution to his server hosting/managing problems. Everything has been going up to plans and we’ll continue to host his server in the future. Our server is featured in every one of his Minecraft Hermitcraft video descriptions.


    In September, our website got an overhaul. It was way overdue and all the old information was fixed. We worked hard on optimizing the website, and we succeeded pretty well in that. We also celebrated BuildCraftia’s 5 year anniversary on September 10th. That is pretty amazing, right?! We also released the Chaos server. An ultimate vanilla Minecraft experience.


    In October we hosted the Halloween build contest, and of course some other Halloween stuff was happening almost the whole end of the month. Pretty scary month…


    In November, we hosted another building competition with the theme “Apocalypse”. We also hosted a crazy Black Friday Sale. We announced that we’re going to attend to CubedCon. It was a November-ishly silent month because of us trying to prepare to festive events.


    In December we attended CubedCon, the biggest in-game Minecraft convention featuring servers, build teams and YouTubers. We tried our best to get our server out in there and we succeeded in some terms. Our Twitter account received a huge support from Cubed community. We saw many people joining from the convention. Only time will show how we did in there. We hosted our first ever Twitter competition at the time as well, it went as planned and we got many participants.We made some staff changes and hold staff applications for Winter 2016. DustyAshton created a Christmas plot and it there’s sooo many presents from one to another…

    The rest is still a mystery… But we’ll eventually find how the year of 2016 is going to be remembered in the future.

    We are seeing forward to release our biggest server update ever, the Reputation Update. According to Leo (Quicksteve) we are going to release it next week. Holiday season came too quick (pun totally intended) for him to finish the update in time. Let's give the man the time he needs. Family first!

    Of course we hope to make the next year a one in general! We want to see you participating, in your own way, whether it’s by talking, building, moderating, donating...

    That’s was a lot of text… and I probably missed a lot of things… Tldr; Stuff happened but we’ll continue to move forward. Thanks for reading, thanks for being you, the awesome member of BuildCraftia!

    Have the most amazing festive season. Enjoy it while it lasts! And as always, have the most amazing last time of the year on BuildCraftia! <3 :penguin: :penguin:

    In behalf of BuildCraftia staff team,
    BuildCraftia Owner


    AZZA, will I lose my perks when Reputation update goes live?
    ‘Yes, of course. As I’ve said multiple times’

    But in all seriousness, will I lose them?
    If you ask once more... most certainly yes.

    AZZA, how’s your new apartment?
    When not considering the loan…, it’s AWESOME.

    AZZA, when is Paintball released?

    AZZA, why is Quicksteve so cool?
    Well, it runs in his family. Nothing he can do about it.
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    Um, when is paintball being released?!?!! That's the only question I care about, amiright?
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    This server is awesome! Thank you Azza for all of your amazing and innovative initiatives and very cool knowledge of biology & chemistry! Thank you Leo for tireless dedication to the server. The greatest 'build' on the server is your code! Thank you to Alkaline for amazing building talents. I love the design and thoughtfulness of /warp archive; very cool snow globe, love those particles, much better snow fall! Thank you to TNT for incredible creativity and for getting me to play chaos and letting me get to 1000 on SB first and for always helping new players to feel welcome and for teaching others how to make awesome mountains. Thank you FatherFan for teaching me about the Holy Door at St. Peters and praying Vespers in Minecraft. Thank you Daedalus & Wynn & Vintage & Doritos & Kashers & MissRemmi & Phoenix & Bubbles & Lux_Caelum & Napkin & Knewnie & Meme & Mew and more for amazing builds (Mew's build on survival is so creative)! Thank you Toby for hugs and kindness! Thank you Dusty for Christmas plots & loving Paintball. Thank you J_Awesome for being Awesome! Thank you Grom for beautiful Christmas gifts on Dusty's plot! Thank you Lee & Wolfie for being awesome. Thank you Ulfar for loving Iceland & Thank you John for loving Poland and Jason_Victor for loving Bulgaria! Thank you Razer for loving Hockey and for futuristic city and thank you Word for most developed worlds and creating super mini games on your server! Thank you jkftw for redstone brilliance! Thank you Yvagary & Knewnie for posing in the secret trysting place! Thank you Jessiieee for keeping the server going when it was really hard. Thank you Lewis for having a great server! Thank you JingleMyBless for being a cool author! Thank you Epikplayer for super super cool Disney Fireworks and rides! Thank you 9 for your enduring affection for Dusty! Thank you RabbitCake for a cool name! Thank you Lea for being an awesome Mod even if it is difficult sometimes. Thank you Lev for being super cool. Thank you to Snow_Rose for being positive and upbeat and really nice to other players. Thank you to DigitalDayDream from some cool rping and redstone! Thank you LittleKreeper for some cool builds even if you did banned for ever and ever. Thank you Alex for commenting about Christmas in the tropics! Thank you MadScientist__ for cool builds! Thank you to all the mods and admins! Thank you to all the players especially the ones I forgot!
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    Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Thank you for all you've done for the server, keeping it afloat I'm sure!

    Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Thank you @OptimusZambie for my Huge Gift! You are very kind! I appreciate it greatly!

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