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Discussion in 'Destroy The Core Bugs & Suggestions' started by Napkin, Feb 20, 2017.

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    I suggested the handyman kit sometime back in 2015 and it sounded great on paper, but I tested the kit out on 5 different maps and it's relatively useless except for the water bucket.

    I want to suggest a balance to make it a little more desirable to the players palette because it could be potentially one of the most beneficial kits, but right now, it's not helpful enough.

    *Replace stone shovel with stone pickaxe;
    People are placing hard clay blocks, etc.; the shovel cannot cut through any of this stuff. There are probably rarely any burning moments where you would have any reason to be sifting through soil related blocks.

    Replacing clay with wood planks;
    This suggestion probably sounds really stupid so let me explain. The wood is useful in the fact that it can be used as tinder for your furnace, and as a building block. It takes a little longer to break through, which yes, can be a little inconvenient for people on your team and the other team, but it isn't a HUGE difference mind you.

    *xp bottles;
    Making cool upgrades on the enchant table without the xp just doesn't happen! Obtaining xp is difficult, and on certain maps, impossible. This can help bring some trickery to the table with thorns armor or whatever enchantment is ur teams cup of tea.

    Falling in water and water related traps is annoying for the victim. Hand the sponge to a stronger team member who can simplify access to a water protected core.

    *perm haste;
    In order for you to be the "resourceful player", you gotta be efficient! I think perm haste would would be helpful as handyman is kind of a slow kit to start off with right now. You can start mining things faster which in turn, you make armor and stuff faster, and paired with your enchant table, you can easily work your way up to some badass goodies in your teams weapon cache!

    Another "handy" thing about perm haste is when your core has been taken hostage, or whatever location you need to access has been taken hostage, you can plow right through those obnoxious clay barriers your enemies create. Also the destruction of bridges becomes a snap too! Be there for your team with haste!

    I know this kit was like, just added, so of course you owners will be mad about this, but it's just not very resourceful at all, which was it intent.

    Suggest what you would like to see changed down below! ⬇️⬇️
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    Also here are some cool tactics you can do with the water bucket:

    *Place over ignited TNT from bomber to render the explosion as useless

    *Pair with bomber class to make a cannon

    *At an elevated height, one correctly placed water bucket can push back/slow a whole horde of enemy players, sometimes reaching ridiculous coverage! This is a great getaway stunt!

    *Scale a vertical surface through swimming

    *Remove torches (As in strategically placed torches which make it hard to build upward, something I saw Lee do to protect her core)

    *Turn hot lava into a cobble path
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    Hey I wanted to bump this to see what people think of the kit, and to make sure the admins see it, because I saw a player I've never seen before use it today and the axe has actually really deadly effect on any class with leather armor.
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    Triple post m8. Get more TC

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