Halloween is near!

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    Halloween is getting closer and closer. We decided to make something fun for Halloween 2016.

    Something we haven’t done in a while is a Building Competition. Since Halloween is almost here, we’re going to do a Halloween themed building competition with awesome prizes for top three builders. More information, rules and prizes can be found here: https://forum.bcsn.us/index.php?threads/halloween-building-competition-2016.4158/

    The idea is to make Building Competitions way more regular now. We yet haven’t decided how often these will be held, but you’ll find out by following the Forums and our social media.

    Of course special events are nothing without a good old sale. Not only have we all pet packs on sale (15% OFF), we’re going to have a 25% off ranks Halloween sale!

    Thanks for reading and have a spooky Halloween on BuildCraftia!


    P.S. Congratulations to our new Administrator, DustyAshton! <3
  2. epikplayer

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    Congrats dusty :D
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  3. Dusty

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    Thank you
  4. marx2294

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    Honestly i feel like shes always been an admin. The perfect admin. Ive been hit with serious dazhavu. Congrats.
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  5. Kashers

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    Its Deja Vu
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  6. marx2294

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    Eh never been good with grammar bb

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