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    Hello I'm NapkinDabber AKA Makoa Connor AKA Kashers2, and I have a lot of fancy gadgets I need to share!

    I've come a long way with digital art and I didn't feel as though I was doing so hot with this piece of dooky:
    ^That's a Wacom Intuos draw tablet.

    It was all scratched up and old and I've only had it for a little under two years. Or maybe over, I can't remember. It's also very unattractive to have to stare at the computer screen while trying to draw on a grainy piece of plastic that lacks any sort of screen at all. It's like when you try to pee in the middle of the night but the intensity of the bathroom light is blinding you and causing you to aim everywhere except the toilet. Then you gotta clean it all up.

    My tech wiz friend Michail helped me search for something new on Amazon and thus! He found the XP pen tablet. I spent 500 dollars of my Hardee's equity on this new tablet because that's the kind of gal I am!

    ^the XP pen tablet is on the right, and it functions as a dual monitor that I can draw on with precision!

    Getting this new tablet is a big step forward for 2 major reasons:

    1) I have a "second job" now for my friend's clothing line where I get paid per commission as his graphic designer. With clean and precise lines, my work will probably get accepted at a higher rate which equals more money for me! I won't go into detail about the clothing brand because I don't want to advertise but just know that it's a real thing...

    2) Creating cartoon characters is about as easy as it could be now. (Check below)

    ^This was not done in Photoshop. This was done in Toom Boom Studios Harmony essentials animation program.

    I've had Harmony Essentials for awhile but I never really advertised it. Most legendary animators lost in time would tell you it is superior to Adobe Flash, and I can believe it.

    Unlike photoshop, drawing and coloring characters on here isn't a hassle that requires two or three layers, a magic wand tool, and selection manipulation. The problem with Photoshop is that even its hardest paintbrushes are soft enough to where if you fill a closed spot with the paint bucket tool, it will leave an obvious empty area between the brush stroke and the filled area. NOT HERE THO BOIIIIIII!

    ^BiStar#8 (Napkin) is actually composed of more lines than meets the eye, with lines that guide where his shadows and highlights need to be.

    All I need to do is draw my line art, and fill it with the paint bucket, and this can all be done on one layer. How convenient!

    ^ You probably weren't paying close enough attention to detail to see this in the photos above. This is Napkins color palette while completely naked.

    I recently found out about color swatches this school year, and they are about the most helpful things ever. Keeping the character pallete colors consistent was super hard before I learned about swatches because I would just use an eye dropper tool, and those aren't always reliable.

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