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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Funboy, Apr 13, 2017.

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  1. Funboy

    Funboy New Member


    Date of Ban:
    21st November 2016 10:51:07 PM

    Reason of Ban:
    inappropriate speech

    Banner (from the ban screen or
    DustyIsTheBest (great name, not cringey at all <3)

    Reason of Unban:

    Firstly, I would like to expand on my last appeal, which was declined rudely.

    I feel like I have spent enough time away from the server now, and have served a justified punishment. I will explain what I did and why in order to give some context for you to consider. I joined the server, it was the first time I had played minecraft in a while because I'm not ten anymore and simply don't find it fun to play. I was going through commands, I eventually ended up at the donator ranks and their costs. I stated that they were a complete rip off in chat, and that is why I was banned permanently. Now I understand that it's not that bad in comparison to some other minecraft servers, but in my mind I feel like paying an African's workers pay for a year in order to get some extra plots in a virtual game is a bit of a rip off. Additionally, I understand that I have been warned and banned numerous times in the past, and I simply cannot explain the hacking one. All I can do is ask that you forgive me for what I did.

    On the other hand, Dusty, I'd like to ask why my last appeal was declined. Simply saying that it has been "DECLINED" in bold red letters is unprofessional and half-assed. Perhaps put some effort in. For a person that is meant to be an example for the rest of the server, that isn't good. It seems the reason you banned me was because of your grudge against me. Also from my experience, it seems that donators get special treatment from moderators and admins. I normally find this okay, but you'll happily pull the ban hammer out for some non-donator that spams ten times. If a donator was in the same situation it would be a completely different case. You'd just be like 'lol stop pls'. Don't try to prove me wrong, since you can't and I won't believe you anyway. In short, please provide a reason as to why my appeal was declined and also explain what I did to get banned in the first place, if you can even remember.

    So to conclude, I ask that you put effort into responding to this appeal, as opposed to the one you made while wiping your ass on the toilet last time, especially since I have put a lot of time into this one. I understand what I have done in the past and why I am banned from the discord server. I have served my bans in the past and feel that I have served this one. If you do not understand my reasoning I simply ask that you accept my apology, as apologizing is the only thing I can do at this point. Also, take my tips, they might help you in the future.
  2. PhoenixStudios

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    I don't understand how you can complain about how you've been dealt with 'rudely' when your attitude is even worse / even more rude:

    Calm down kiddo, it's just a minecraft server.

    Additionally, there were no 'bold red letters:'


    Dusty acted maturely as she always does, following the correct procedure. There is nothing unprofessional about 'bold red letters,' I have no idea what you're chatting here tbh. Your sly passive-aggressive tone is very distasteful throughout.

    I quote from your appeal: "It seems that donators get special treatment from moderators and admins. I normally find this okay." This isn't the case, but even if it was, you logically shouldn't have a problem with it. Your appeal is falling apart!

    You've been banned multiple times, muted multiple times and warned multiple times and we've kept letting you come back; you've provided no reasoning as to why this time is any different.

    Your appeal is your chance to show remorse over your actions, not your chance to make aggressive digs at staff members (it makes no sense why you'd rip into the people who will decide your appeal anyway :rolleyes: ).

    Appeal denied, thread locked. You may appeal in one month's time. :p

    Also, take my tips, they might help you in the future.
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