Accepted Forgotten Manor

Discussion in 'Warp Requests' started by ViKing725, Feb 20, 2019.

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  1. ViKing725

    ViKing725 New Member

    Name of Warp:
    Forgotten Manor

    Plot ID(s):

    Warp Coordinates:
    x: -3483.5
    y: 61.0
    z: -608.5
    f: West (X-)

    Description: Land once owned by a wealthy count, the forgotten manor has survived for many generations hidden away in a forest haunted by the spirits who have attempted to claim this land as their own. The manor still stands as if someone lives there, without a trace of decay.

    Additional Information:
    Owners: TheWolfpacker, ViKing725
    Co-Owners: Stickdog71732, MoonMonkey46, AgentZach1, AwesomeAdam820
    Redstoners: TheGoat117, Northernknight
    2019-02-20_17.57.18.png 2019-02-20_16.53.28.png 2019-02-20_18.10.41.png 2019-02-20_17.51.30.png 2019-02-20_16.54.47.png unknown.png 2019-02-20_17.54.37.png
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  2. ViKing725

    ViKing725 New Member

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  3. Wordguy

    Wordguy The Flash Staff Member Moderator Penguin

    Staff's overlooked the warp, and we've voted to accept it!
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