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    Hey guys, it tis me, CJ, and I have some bad news for ya. Well, it's both good and bad. Let me get straight to it but I am leaving. Not because of anyone on the server for any reason, not for anything bad happening in my life, but actually for great things that have been happening. Let me tell you a bit, the past few weeks have been BUSY, volleyball everyday almost every hour. Since school started I have not had time for anything. I've made varsity as a freshman at my school and that has been one of my biggest accomplishments. I'm in all honors classes so of course the homework load is crazy, and i usually only have 2 hours to do it. This part is kind of hard, and may seem bad to say, but BC has distracted me in past times... years... whatever. It has kept me from really doing what I need to do and that is starting to affect me. I've become more introverted that I've lost all my friends and can hardly make new ones, luckily volleyball has helped me with that. So it's been hard.
    So other than that, I want to thank everyone who has become my friend on this server:
    I'm sorry, but not everyone will be in this, and they also may be fairly short because I think what I put can mean alot.....
    Hestia, you are one of my favorite humans, you may be young, but your so mature and can be sassy which i like. You are really funny and one of my favorite mods, I'm sorry to leave you, but I think you will live without me, plus you know how to reach me through social media. I love you and you have meant so much to me. Ill miss you! <3
    Doosty, first off, rawr. Dusty, you have been so great to me, also one of my favorite mods. You have kept me sane through many things, you have made me laugh when I was sad and I appreciate that so much. You have listened to many of my pointless stories and actually sat through them which not many people do for me. You have let me rant and talk about deep things, you have never judge me and I love you for that. And if you need me you know where to find me. I love you, you have meant so much to me, take care of my Hestia-senpai. I'll miss you. <3
    Marx, you were one of the people that have really brought out my imagination, our roleplays were great. Even thought there has been some weird stuff that has happened that I have had to deal with..... You still are great and I'll miss you and our old jokes and stuff. Thanks for showing me all of your AMAZING creations and keep doing stuff like that, you have a talent and you should use it. Anyway, thanks for being there for me for everything, I love you (AS A FRIEND FOR ALL YOU PEOPLE MAKING SHIPS), you are one of my greatest friends.
    Sud, you were one of my first friends, since i left and came back to BC when it was known as Arcadia (i know such cuss word). All the roleplays and stuff we did was great, everything we built was awesome. You gave me so much to remember. Even though crazy things happened I still stayed your friend and I am happy I did. I love you ( AS A FRICKEN FRIEND FOR THOSE SAME PEOPLE) and I'll miss you. Thanks for being a great friend.
    Kai, you are awesome, you have let me rant to you, tell you stuff and more. You are also one of my favorite mods. I love all of the things you do, you seem pretty confident about yourself, and even if your not, Ill tell you that you are amazing, one of the nicest people I've ever met. I love you, Ill miss you, thanks for being such a great friend. Take care of my doosty also. <3
    Razer, I want to thank you for helping me with my builds, you have helped me so much with understanding design and it is really nice to know that kind of stuff. Keep doing amazing things, even though I don't know much about you, you were a great friend to me. Thanks for everything.
    Chip, even though we never really talked much, when you were mod, when i would always ask "How is life as a mod?" It meant a lot to me, you always gave me something to laugh about and I want to thank you for that. Thanks for everything. <3
    Word, now I bet by now everyone is like, OMG WHAT IS SHE GONNA SAY TO HIM, well Im going to say thank you, you did a lot for me, you kept me sane, let me rant, told me crazy stories, included me in many things, made millions of inside jokes, which will never leave me. You listened to all my problems and that means a lot. You got me out of a depression at a time and now I have never been better. Some advice I will leave for you is to stop fighting with people, if someone fights with you, let it go. Also, dont get to caught up in your world, because, honestly it will really start to annoy everyone. Thank you so much, I love you (DO I HAVE TO SAY IT AGAIN?!). Thanks for being a great friend. Ill miss you. I'm sorry for not saying much, but what do I have to say when you already know? (Also dont go insane when I leave, I shouldnt be something that causes you to go on a rampage)

    Now that is all, I'm sorry for all those who were not included, but I will let you know that each of you have had a great impact on my life. Like Shadow (bchiu) thank you for being a great friend, Hawker(Hawkie), thank you for being a great friend. Now there are so many more people I could thank, but I'm not going to do that. I love all of you so much. You all have supported me through life. We all know our minecraft days will come to a end, and mine is now. I'm sure all of you will get somewhere amazing in life, and who knows maybe we all will meet. We all have grown and matured so much. There is so many things that happened on this server I will never forget. I will never forget BC. I am deleting skype, but before that, those who want to say anything, and I mean anything to me on skype before I delete it. My skype is CJR329 for those who dont know. Again I love you guys soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. Thanks for everything. I'll miss all of you.
    Goodbye. <3
    Sincerely, CJR329
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    I'll miss you <3
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  3. HestiaMinecraft

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    good luck in real life !!

    hope you have fun with volleyball and other stuff :DD <33
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    One thing I didnt add, I will be back monday, one last time. So you guys can all falcon punch me or something xD idc
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    I hope you do well in your endeavors in the real world. Have fun!
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  6. Dusty

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    I'll miss you so much CJ <3 You are one of the many, sweet people who is tied for my most favorite (sorry I can't, and won't ever be able to choose just one). and of course rawr and I love you and I'll miss you very very very much!
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  7. CJR329

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    Awww. I'll miss you so much, CJ. Good luck with life and I hope you do good in volleyball and school!
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    Thanks so much :D
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    oi. you better do good in volleyball.
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    hey CJ! Thanks for spending all those years on BC. Hope you'll come back one day. Enjoy reality though, and may all the good luck come to you and your volleyball. Have fun!
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    Thanks :)
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    Farewell CJ, You have been a great and first friend of mine. I guarantee everyone will miss you and you will not be forgotten in our hearts <3
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    im sure i didnt im a dorkwad

    Enjoy life :D
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    Lol no but thanks xD
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    (Moved to Drama :p )
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    ikr such drama

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