Accepted FakeModerator's ban appeal

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by FakeModerator, Jan 7, 2017.

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  1. FakeModerator

    FakeModerator New Member


    Date of Ban:

    24th July 2015 11:09:06 PM

    Reason of Ban:
    "Insulting the server."


    Reason of Unban:
    Hey there, guys,

    I recently picked up minecraft again and started joining a couple of old servers that I had in my server list. One of them, however, I couldn't join. I was banned for a reason that's beyond me, as I'm relatively sure I never intentionally insulted the server. I'm generally a very friendly person and I see no reason for bashing on people on servers nor people in real life nor servers for that matter. I never meant to cause any harm, and if I did, I'm sorry. It was a while ago, and I honestly wouldn't be able to recall what happened. I had an inappropriate MC name back then. But even those dates do not match up ( <-- If you feel like checking on the dates).

    I hope you guys can clarify what happened.

    Also, I do think it's slightly unnecessary to be super trigger happy when it comes to banning alternative accounts. In this case I was merely about to ask whether someone knew anything about this whole FakeModerator insulting thing. Pittipla rests in peace now, too. Either way, it's your policy and just my two cents. Thank you guys for reading. I'm hoping we can resolve this at some point.

    Kind regards,
    Pittipla (a.k.a FakeModerator)
  2. FatherFan

    FatherFan Priest Staff Member Moderator Penguin

    Hello, thanks for making a ban appeal!
    I am glad to inform you that your ban appeal has been accepted.
    Be sure to follow the BuildCraftia rules and guidelines.
    Welcome back to BuildCraftia, and have a good day.
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