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    I loved the other fact threads I made; they're a lot of fun, so I want to do one on the other 3 major characters of Bapkin Bomics.

    * The character Remmi Ann Panderson is the deuteragonist of Napkin Comics. She is a Human character inspired by my non-kash BC bestfriend; player MissRemmi. Her age has been altered like the other characters, making her 19 years, almost turning 20.

    *Remmi's tall and thin stature was made specifically to be used as a plot device for "Big Booty Beach", where Kash criticized her for not being Thicc like the other girls at the beach. I've continued to draw Remmi this way ever since I have ridded her of her panda onesie.

    *Remmi's incredibly bitchy and sadistic personality , and general hatred towards Napkin, was inspired by how me and Remmi pretend fight and threaten eachother. When we started doing that several years ago, players thought we would be actually fighting, and I often rounded up a bunch of boy players to take my side and Remmi did the same with the girls.

    *Remmi's design is inspired by her panda onesie skin, however major changes were made, especially with the redesigns. Remmi's actual onesie was replaced with a mere panda hat which can be seen hanging in the backgrounds of a few comics, and she was given a pink blouse, gray leggings, and black flats. I did this because the panda onesie looked too goofy with the redesigned character, but she still retains her girly overall appearance.

    *Her hair has been gradually getting poofier and more of a seafoam green, rather than the electric blue wavy hair from the original skin.

    *Remmi is Napkin, Jeremy, and Kash's landlord. They all live in 367 Blossom Ln. Fieldston North Carolina. Consequently, Remmi's major conflict throughout the comic is trying to keep the house, which requires her to keep Napkin around, in order to keep Jeremy and Kash around, to milk money from Jeremy and Kash to pay off the house.

    *Remmi works at Little Melodies Florist with DustyAshton

    *Consequently, her closest friends in the canonical universe are Dusty Ashton and Yva.

    *The character Jeremy Clarkson is a main character of Napkin Comics. He is an Anthropomorphic Cow character inspired by my close BC friend, JeremyC. His age has been altered like the other characters, making him 7 cow years old.

    *Jeremy's design, like several of the other animal characters, was inspired by classic Warner Brother and MGM animal cartoons like Looney Tunes or Tom and Jerry. His design remains very very close to the original skin, including his suit and tie and signature blue nose. Like Napkin, he has mitten shaped hands and can grow separate fingers as needed.

    *Jeremy's personality in the comics is inspired by how much he used to worry and was wishy washy and had trouble making decisions when he was a younger player. I often looked upon him as somebody who got confused about nothing all the time, and needed my guidance. While nowadays he's pretty much his own dependent guy who speaks whatever is on his mind, he still retains aspects of his younger personality. In the comics, he is the least violent of the main 4, seeks approval from the other characters by being a people-pleaser, and is portrayed as neutral in conflicts involving Napkin and some other character.

    *Jeremy works for the BC guard, which is basically a S.W.A.T team/Spy agency called for situations in the BC/Fieldston involving serious crimes, external threats. and Aliens. He works under Leo's division referred to as "Agent Clarkson".

    *Consequently, Jeremy is Napkin's assigned BC guard escort, who is supposed to be watching Napkin's every move while Napkin is on a sort of Extra Terrestrial probation. Jeremy likes Napkin though, and isn't really tough on him at all like he should be. I actually assigned Jeremy this job because of how he's always pointing out his thoughts on what makes good staff.

    *Jeremy makes more money than Remmi and Kash combined. He actually has his own studio apartment in BC, but resides in Fieldston and rents from Remmi because that's where Napkin stubbornly wants to live.

    *Jeremy has udders that lactate, despite being a male.

    *The character Jeremy is short and fat because JeremyC used to always go "I'm short and Phat" Although when he leans back he appears to be pretty thin.

    *The character Kash Theodore Kingsley is a main character of Napkin Comics. He is a human character inspired by my BC boyfriend Kashers. His age has been altered like the other characters, making him 22 years old.

    *Kash is an overly muscular and tall man, almost appearing like he is on steroids. His appearance is a reference to my very first interaction with Kash, long before we became friends. Kash was basically bragging about how popular he was and how he had abs, and then I told him he sounded stupid, and he called me a jealous loser or something.

    *Kash's personality was also inspired mostly from this interaction, but also his other little quirks and signature temper tantrums that made him seem like a total douche. In the comics, Kash is CONSTANTLY seen hitting on ladies and just always trying to impress people, which usually doesn't work but sometimes does. He is pretty similar to Napkin, but whereas Napkin acts like a jerk like a 12 year old xbox boy, Kash acts like a college frat boy. He has the lowest intelligence of the 4 main characters.

    *It is unknown to me or the characters as to where Kash works, but it isn't very important to the comics either.

    *Chronologically, Kash was the last person to start renting from Remmi, after Jeremy. Kash would've been found on the streets of BC when Napkin escaped from the BC guard headquarters. Kash needed a place to stay because he was homeless and hanging out with the hobo people like Bins. Napkin was charmed by his similar personality and brought him back to Remmi's without her knowledge and he's been living there ever since.

    *Kash has unique teeth compared to the rest of the characters. They are rounded because I thought that Kash probably would've done stupid things as a kid like bite rocks, which would wear his teeth down. They have been drawn this way since the very first comic.

    *Kash's design was inspired mostly by his tiger onesie skin, but also takes aspects from his current skin and his first skin I remember him wearing.

    *Kash is obsessed with Cereal and Protein powder, a nod to his frosted flakes era.

    *Kash dates major character Dusty Ashton.

    I'm tired :(
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    This made my day
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    Yo dude this throwbacked me all the way to 7th grade now im a junior lol. Hit it right on the nail well done as always
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    I guess it's a good thing I barely make comics it would be pretty anticlimactic to be getting 1 like
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    Problem is nobody goes on the forums anymore haha. Still fucking love the comics tho! Keep me up!
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    this is fun and good

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