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    Hey there!

    Many of you have been wondering what our new, EULA compliant, ranks will look like. I have created a list of all the perks the ranks will get. If you already have an old rank, you will automatically get the new perks after the Reputation update.

    The gadgets must be purchased with Fish, before the player can use them. The rank will only give a permission to use that specific gadget.

    Some features are still being developed, so some things may not work at first.

    Reminder: If you have already purchased a rank, you won't lose your current perks. If you have VIP, for example, you will receive these new perks up to VIP as well. However, you won't get any additional free months of BuildCraftia Realms.

    New perks are being planned and created all the time, so there might be changes to these.

    Price: FREE
    • Access to basic WorldEdit: Set, Replace, Undo & Redo + Mask & GMask
    • Plot Flags
    • Custom player heads menu (/heads) with 2,050+ heads
    • Toggle Redstone lamps (Iron Doors & Trapdoors) by shift right-clicking
    • 5 plots + 1 / day (after 5 days) for Reputation increase
    • Unlimited homes on Creative
    Price: $5
    • Flying in minigame lobbies and pre-game
    • Punch staff members by shift right-clicking
    • See when someone’s been online! Access to /seen
    • Ability to name and ride pets
    • Disguises
      • Pig, Cow, Chicken, Mushroom_Cow, Sheep
    • Trails
      • Regular Trails
        • Portal, Void
    • Gadgets
      • Enderpearl Bow
    • Yellow name and nametag
    • Ability to join full server
    Price: $12
    • Commands /ptime, /pweather and /near (last one only in Creative)
    • Wear hats! Access to the /hat command
    • Ability to name items on Creative (access to /name)
    • Disguises
      • Squid, Ocelot, Snowman, Villager, Wolf, Rabbit, Zombie_Villager
    • Trails
      • Regular Trails
        • Angry Villager, Drip Water, Drip Lava
    • Gadgets
      • Fish Slap, Tree Hugger
    • Orange name and nametag
    • Ability to join full server
    Price: $30
    • Access to /launch
    • Make colored item names on Survival (color codes in an anvil)
    • Disguises
      • Horse, Donkey, Mule, Undead_horse, Skeleton_horse
    • Trails
      • Regular Trails
        • White Magic, Magic, Cloud, Critical Hit, Enchant
    • Gadgets
      • Sheep Cannon, Spider Swarm
    • Ability to get a nickname (given by staff)
    • Green name and nametag
    • Ability to join full server
    Price: $50
    • Firework creator
    • Firework launched on join [Creative + Survival + Minigames]
    • Access to /hug
    • Ability to use color and magic codes on signs [Creative + Survival]
    • Disguises
      • Blaze, Cave_Spider, Creeper, Enderman, Endermite, Ghast, Giant, Guardian, Husk, Magma_Cube, Pig_Zombie, Shulker, Silverfish, Skeleton, Slime, Spider, Stray, Zombie, Witch, Wither_Skeleton
    • Trails
      • Regular Trails
        • Smoke, Happy Villager, Spark, Splash, Snow
    • Gadgets
      • Pyromaniac, Snowstorm
    • Cyan name and nametag
    • Ability to join full server
    Price: $75
    • Commands /kittycannon and /fireball [Creative]
    • Custom world for one (1) month (worth $4.50)
    • Blue name and nametag
    • Disguises
      • Armor_Stand, Arrow, Boat, Dropped_Item, Egg, Ender_Pearl, Ender_Signal, Falling_Block, Fireball, Firework, Fishing_Hook, Painting, Primed_Tnt, Shulker_Bullet, Small_Fireball, Snowball, Spectral_Arrow
    • Trails
      • Regular Trails
        • Pop, Snowball, Slime, Witch
      • Block Trails
        • Glass, Sea, Ore, Clay
    • Gadgets
      • Doge Cannon, Valentine, Cloud-O-Matic
    • Ability to join full server
    Price: $150
    • Custom server for six (6) months ($4.50 / mo = $27 private server credit)
    • Joining message when joining servers
    • Ability to launch players up in the sky with shift right click
    • Access to /slap
    • Disguises
      • Ender_dragon, Dragon_Fireball, Wither, Area_Effect_Cloud, Ender_Crystal, Minecart, Minecart_Chest, Minecart_Command, Minecart_Furnace, Minecart_Hopper, Minecart_Mob_Spawner, Minecart_Tnt, Experience_Orb, Item_Frame, Leash_Hitch, Elder_Guardian, Splash_Potion, Thrown_Exp_Bottle, Tipped_Arrow, Wither_Skull
    • Trails
      • Regular Trails
        • Heart, Flame
      • Block Trails
        • Flower, Carpet, Redstone, Wheat
    • Gadgets
      • Boom Stick, El Diablo, Penguin Cannon
    • Penguin tag in the BuildCraftia Forums
    • Purple tab name and nametag
    • Ability to join full server
    Should you have any questions, please be sure to ask in the comments. And as always, have an awesome day at BuildCraftia! :penguin:
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    Can't wait to find out what the Gadgets are!
    Just to clarify, the custom server would be closed after 6 months and we will keep our private worlds even if we use the custom server?
  3. ItsAZZA

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    Either you select to change your world to BuildCraftia Realms, or you keep the private world you have bought. Your private world can be transferred over to the new Realm. Once the Realm has been created, we won't transfer them back to Creative. If you have more questions about how Realms work, please contact Leo or myself.
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