Equestrians and Elytra

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  1. J_Awesome9

    J_Awesome9 New Member

    An original minigame I just invented. Here's the basics of it:

    -Four teams: red, green, yellow and blue.
    -Max. 4 players per team.
    -Randomly picked to be an Elytra user or an Equestrian.
    -Can choose from kits to go with the roles - builder, swordsman, archer, griefer.
    -Each team has a base with a tower. The bases contain obsidian blocks which serve as the cores for respawning.
    -One obsidian block on the ground (for the Equestrians) and one in the tower (for the Elytra users)
    -Destroying a team's obsidian cores will prevent them from respawning.
    -Once all cores are destroyed, the remaining teams must fight to the death.

    So basically it's like Mini Walls but with elements of DTC, as well as elytra and mounts thrown in.
  2. RazerH

    RazerH Moderator Retired Staff

    sounds cool but i dont think there are enough enough players to really be able to play this
  3. J_Awesome9

    J_Awesome9 New Member

    Found time to make these, regardless of whether or not this minigame becomes a reality. Also designed some new CCC (custom colour clothes) for green and yellow E&E Equestrians.png E&E Elytra.png

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