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Discussion in 'DTC' started by southpawx3, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. southpawx3

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    I wanted to start posting screenshots so I could edit pictures and I was in a DTC match spectating so I figured I'd take some. Hope you like them :D -South

    Hopefully I'll do this every few days or once a week or whatever, consistency isn't necessary anyways :p -South

    I'm not the best editor out there, god no, and neither is my software the best, but I try. And here is the player list of all the people on when I took the screenshots. :p Thanks again -South

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  2. AardonyxHD

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  3. Miner

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    Resource pack?
  4. TNTMan1289

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    I Destroyed The Core!!! Any Screenies Of Me Winning?
  5. southpawx3

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  6. Quicksteve

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    Must say looks pretty cool :p
  7. Olocool17

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  8. Fimb

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    Love it! Goes well with the shaders theme. Keep it up!
  9. Ryan3419

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    Looks awesome!

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