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Discussion in 'DTC' started by Napkin, Jul 6, 2018.

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    Hi. Destroy the core has been a hot topic on BC for like the past 2 weeks. One of the big controversies rn is the kits are sort of abhorrent at the moment and Azza gladly listened to our suggestions on improving them and is working with the situation...

    So uh, kit competitions! I think it would be super fun if players got to create their own kits and then we have an official competition by participating in pvp or dtc battle using those kits. Everybody votes for their favorite kit and it gets added to the roster! I think that would be a good and competitive community activity that can also help improve the dtc server.

    The only downfall I could see to this is that players make really OP kits in a cheap attempt to win, but I think most of us have an IQ and morality high enough to not vote for such a kit.


    (If this becomes a thing here are my entries. Me and @Remmi played with both and they are super fun)
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