Disneyland in Minecraft Update Thread

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    A new update page for Disneyland In Minecraft news. Special ride announcements & new firework shows will have their own thread, but little things will be included in this thread.

    November 2017:

    Preparing for the Holidays!
    Changes in General Resort: Preparing for Mickey's Merry Christmas Party!
    Changes in Main Street USA: Christmas decorations set up.
    Changes in Tomorrowland: None.
    Changes in Fantasyland: Christmas decorations preparing to set up.
    Changes in ToonTown USA: None.
    Changes in Frontierland: Christmas decorations partially set up.
    Changes in Critter County: None.
    Changes in New Orleans Square: The Haunted Mansion has opened! Take a tour at /warp Disneyland! Christmas decorations set up.
    Changes in Adventureland: Christmas decorations partially set up.
    Changes in Entertainment: Hallowishes ending on November 19th. Our christmas show will begin in early december.

    See images of this month's changes: Unavailable for this month.
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    Woot woot! Indiana Jones is almost done! Just have to finish the main room.
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    Ye i'm the worst contractor ever. Sorry epik. I'm trying to work on BTMR but I keep pushing it off. I think the thought of how long it took to build Indy is making me not want to work on it. Sorry. I'll try to work on it when I can. @epikplayer
  5. Sweet... What were you expecting..?
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    Updated November 2017
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    Epik is awesome! I love the Haunted Mansion!! Your firework shows are inspiring!

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