Destroy The Core Maps Voting: Results

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    We have received a lot of good feedback about our Destroy The Core. If did leave your answers, thank you so much! You have helped us to improve our games and experience overall.

    We are going to take an action to fix some of the general issues. Some of the maps are also going to receive a visual update in the near future.

    There were some general concerns and questions we want to answer here.

    The maps are too big!
    We are aware of this problem and there is only one reason for this: we do not have enough players for a well-balanced and intriguing game on these bigger maps. The minimum player amount is there for a reason. Of course, staff is always ready to start the game for you, if the limit is not reached, and you want to play.

    Some of the cores are too close to the spawn
    Yes, we have noticed the same problem and we are working on it. As some maps are getting a visual update, we are updating the core locations in the maps where needed.

    We need more maps!!1!
    We are also accepting new maps under the Destroy The Core map suggestion forum. We are expecting great detail and design from all of our maps. Please follow this link to the DTC Map Suggestion Forum.

    Thanks for reading, and as always, have an awesome week at BuildCraftia! :penguin: :soonish:
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    Great job Azza!!!
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    This is a great time to ask for the staff team to reconsider adding the DTC map "Sawmill" to the map pool. It was innitially denied due to its smaller size in comparison to the other maps, however it has been made apparent that many players consider the maps too large. This map is smaller, and the core is not as close to the spawn, like other maps. I ask you to please reconsider. Thank you.
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