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    Thanks to your feedback in the Destroy The Core map survey, we were able to make our maps better! There has been some changes, so hear me out!

    New Maps
    Two new maps are introduced in this update.

    Ye Olden Days by jeremy333

    Sawmill by knewnie and yvagary

    Edited Maps
    Some of the maps were edited to enhance the gameplay.

    Avalanche has received a new look but the main features are still in place. The map is now more lush with trees and bushes. The roads also received an ice cover to make your journey around the map faster. Spawns and the mountain also received a visual update.


    • The cores were way too close to the spawn, so they were moved higher up.
    • The spawns received a visual update.

    Dance Of Blossoms
    • Replaced some of the water with grass; moving around the map is now easier.
    • The spawns and cores were given a visual update.

    Rats’ Den
    • Removed the diamond blocks in the middle area.
    • Some of the more OP items were removed from player spawns.
    • Removed good chunks of the dirt, so they are easier to go through now.
    • Removed the hidden chest from the middle area containing diamond armour.

    Removed a Map
    Due to high request by the community in the survey the map Caves was removed from the game.
    Thanks for checking out the changes. Have fun playing Destroy The Core!
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    That's a nice shot of my map. Thanks for adding it. I appreciate it.
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    Excited to play these!
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    Yeeee :D
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