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    No, this is not a game suggestion, I've done one of them already...

    Welcome to DeathRun's Post

    Here, you can find out all about the latest updates to do with DeathRun. If you need any help, pleas feel free to contact @Cyrilster, thank you.

    Over the past few weeks, me and my team have been working on one of our biggest projects yet, DeathRun. It is a minigame in which you must run to the finish at the same time as dodging traps that are trying to kill you. All the traps, excluding 2, are player-controlled, so watch out. The map we have created goes through multiple biomes and is still in BETA to this day. We are by no means even close to finishing yet, there are tons of improvements that need to be made. Recently, I have seen most people want this added to BCSN, which would be epic.

    So, the problem with the game at the moment is that no one really wants to play it, which is, to be honest, probably the biggest problem - hence why I'm making this thread - to make it more popular! Please share this with people so maybe they could join in the fun.


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    May I suggest this be moved to either Creative Server Discussion or maybe Builds, as it doesn't apply to the entire server?

    In addition, I've viewed the map, looks really nice. Lots of detail. :)
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