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    Hey guys,

    we wanted to inform you about the Reputation update again. We are not going to update this weekend, because the Cubed convention. It would be a total hassle trying to update the server while possible new players would try to join the server. We are doing our best to get Reputation update here as soon as possible. Our developer, Quicksteve, is still extremely busy in real life and we don't want to give him any more pressure from the server. We are aiming to start the big updating next weekend. Most of our plugins have been updated to 1.11, but the update still requires a lot of work from our dear penguin overlord.

    Thanks for understanding, and as always, have an awesome day at BuildCraftia!

    P.S. CubedCon is still not up and running, keep tuned in our Discord and social media when the server goes live and you can join! Remember, we have hidden a 40% off coupon to our booth! <3 :penguin:
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