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    Plot commands

    Yes, during the change from 1.7 to 1.8 we changed the plot plugin from PlotMe to this new one. There was bunch more commands added and some of the old commands stopped working. Although, I created some aliases to the new commands, so you can use either ones. You can use either "/plot" or "/p", too. I have used "/plot" here.

    Old command = New command

    Adding & removing helpers
    /plot add $ = /plot helpers add $
    - Adds a person to your plot (they can build on it)​
    /plot remove $ = /plot helpers remove $
    - Removes a person from your plot (they no longer can build on it)​

    Denying & undenying
    /plot deny $ = /plot denied add $
    - Denies a person (they cannot enter the plot)​
    /plot undeny $ = /plot denied remove $
    - Undenies a person (they can once again enter the plot)​

    Plot clearing & resetting
    /plot clear
    - Clears the plot (removes everything on it)​
    /plot dispose = /plot delete
    - Disposes the plot (you no longer own it)
    Plot merging & unmerging
    plot merge <direction>

    Merges two plots you own. Yes, this really means that you can build on the road. Replace <direction> tag with a cardinal point. For example: /plot merge north. You can see the direction on your F3 screen under "Facing" as seen on the photo below


    /plot unlink
    This command will unmerge the merged plot you are standing on. This will remove anything build between the plots. It will not delete anything on your plots!

    Visiting other players' plots
    p visit <player name> [number]
    This command will teleport to the the specified player's plot. Works both with online and offline players. Be sure to write the player names case-sensitive.

    NEW! Party Chat

    A quite a few players have been wishing to get a party chat plugin, which allows you to chat with a group you have created. Now it is possible! Premium and up can create chat parties, but everyone (once invited to one) can chat in them. Here is all the commands you will need for the plugin.

    Commands for every user
    /party or /party help - Plugin help
    /chat - Toggle the global chat
    /c <message> - Send a message to the party
    /party join - Accept a party invitation
    /party leave - Leave a party
    /party members - Display a list of leaders and members
    /party toggle or /tc - Toggle the party chat (So you don't have to type /c)

    Commands for Premium and up
    /party create <name> - Create a new party
    /party invite <player> - Create a new party
    /party kick <player> - Kick a player from the party
    /party leader <player> - Promote a player

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    WOW thx azza dis helps a lot :D
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    It should seeing as it was you who inspired him to make it
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    Maybe we should put that into a command (e.g. /commandhelp).
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