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    Hello there,

    In honor of survival reviving itself with the new updates, Cow.Co is going into business! Cow.Co will be delighted to serve you! Following this short introduction will be a list of all the prices, products, and services offered. Please feel free ask questions if something is unclear on this thread.​

    <==> Armor <==>

    (All full sets unless specified)

    Iron armor

    • Low tier | Iron armor w/1-2 enchants​
    Price: $500

    • Mid tier | Iron armor w/2-4 enchants​
    Price: $1000

    • High tier | Iron armor w/3-5 max level enchants​
    Price: $1500

    • God tier | Iron armor w/3-5 max level enchants. All pieces of armor include mending! Only one set!​
    Price” $4000

    Diamond armor

    • Low tier | Diamond armor w/1-2 enchants​
    Price: $1000

    • Mid tier | Diamond armor w/2-4 enchants​
    Price: $2000

    • High tier | Diamond armor w/3-5 max level enchants​
    Price: $3000

    In addition to the following packages offered, offers custom sets of armor. Prices are paid per enchant. Custom sets come in Iron by default, but can be diamond if an extra $500 is paid. Please note that specialty armor comes with all enchants at max level by default

    Respiration: $200

    Aqua infinity: $250

    Thorns: $500

    Protection (any type): $150

    Depth strider: $500

    Frost walker: $1000

    Unbreaking: $200

    Feather falling: $350

    <==> Tools <==>

    Please note that tools include axes, pickaxes, and shovels. All come at the same price.


    • Low tier | Tool w/eff lvl 2 and unbreak 2​
    Price: $200 per tool

    • Mid tier | Tool w/eff lvl 3 and unbreak 3​
    Price: $300 per tool

    • High tier | Tool w/eff lvl 5 and unbreak 3​
    Price: $400 per tool


    • Low tier | Tool w/eff lvl 2 and unbreak 2​
    Price: $400 per tool

    • Mid tier | Tool w/eff lvl 3 and unbreak 3​
    Price: $600 per tool

    • High tier | Tool w/eff lvl 5 and unbreak 3​
    Price: $800 per tool

    In addition to these packages, fortune 3 and silk touch are also offered as separate enchants. Both are worth $400 if one would like to add them.

    Along with this, mending is offered on a few select iron shovels and iron pickaxes. Please contact me if you would like one of these, and how highly enchanted you would like it.

    <==> Weapons <==>


    • Low tier | Unbreaking 3, power 3​

    • Mid tier | Unbreaking 3, power 5​

    • High tier | Unbreaking 3, power 5, punch 2​

    • God bow | Unbreaking 3, power 5, punch 2, infinity, flame​


    Sword packages differ from the traditional set. Swords are payed by enchant, vs by quality of the sword. Default is Iron, sword can be made diamond for an additional $250

    Sharp III: $300

    Sharp IV: $500

    Sharp V: $850

    Fire aspect I: $300

    Fire aspect II: $400

    Knockback I: $300

    Knockback II: $400

    Unbreaking III: $200

    Looting I: $300

    Looting II: $450

    Looting III: $700

    Bane of arthro III: $150

    Bane of arthro IV: $200

    Bane of arthro V: $350

    Smite III: $150

    Smite IV: $200

    Smite V: $350

    <==> Specialty items <==>

    Cow.Co also offers a wide set of specialty items.

    Elytra: $2.5k per

    Shears w/unbreaking III, efficiency IV: $500

    (add silk touch or fortune III for $400)

    Dragon heads: $1000 per

    Books (Non enchanted): $500 per 32

    Ender pearls: $20 per 16

    <==> Value packages <==> in addition also sells a wide variety of value packs. Prices along w/money saved is shown below

    • Tool master | 3 High tier tools (Shovel, axe, pickaxe each with Unbreaking III and efficiency 5)​
    Price: $900 (iron) | $1800 (Diamond)

    Savings: $300 (iron) | $600 (Diamond) (or 25% in both cases)

    • Armored up! | Full set of high tier iron armor (3-5 max lvl enchants). Comes with an elytra too!​
    Price: $3200

    Savings: $800 (or 20%)

    • Weapons master | Comes with a max enchanted bow (Power V, Punch II, Unbreaking III, Infinity, Flame), and a max enchanted diamond sword (Sharp V, Fire aspect II, Unbreaking III, knockback II, Looting III).​
    Price: $5850

    Savings: $1560 (or 25%)

    <==> Insurance <==> is also delighted to offer insurance on tools. Not only tools, but deaths as well (delightful!)

    Here are our current insurance policies:

    Repair insurance: $300 per tool, weapon, or armor piece! (not set)

    Each item will have up to 3 repairs under the insurance plan.

    Life insurance: $7,500 to invest into life insurance will replace the inventory content of any death in which the player loses their inventory (void, fire/lava, PVP, glitch). The following must be provided in order to be eligible for compensation:

    • Screenshot of death​
    • Proof that items will not be recoverable​
    • A good track record​

    Each player will be eligible for one full replacement every month. However, the payment lasts forever. That means, no matter what, you will be covered. No renewal payments!

    If a player dies more than once a month and demands insurance compensation, that can be provided at a cost of $12,500 every additional death. Note that the prices on life insurance are steep for a reason. A great deal of trust is put into you! I trust you guys are honest in telling me what you had in your inventory before you died.

    Brief footnotes:

    • Prices will fluctuate depending on the global economy
    • Prices are not negotiable
    • Sales are final. No refunds!
    • Thread will be updated with notices on sales, out of stock notices, and any other updates
    • I’m not hiring workers. Anyone who claims to work with me is lying
    • Expect products to be delivered within 24 hours of the order (this does not apply to life insurance items)
    • Life insurance claims shall be dealt with and delivered within 72 hours
    • More packages will be added in the future. Suggestions will always be taken into account
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    can i have it all for free
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  3. JeremyC

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    Lol epik. Unfortunately no.
  4. johnyman333

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    Sounds like a worthwhile investment
  5. JeremyC

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    I do highly encourage investing in life insurance.
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    Where do I provide my signature?
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  7. Wordguy

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    Just bought a ton of stuff, and may I say, the customer service is awesome! I look forward to getting all of my armor/tools/weapons/insurances!
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    You already have one. It's by me.
    Ba duum tsss
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  9. JeremyC

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    Thank you for your purchases!

    Apoligies for the double post here.... now has mending books! Only 17 left! Plead contact me if interested in one.
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  10. Wordguy

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    I died the other day and lost all of my items, armor, weapons, and tools as a result. Luckily I was insured under Cow Co, and I was able to get everything back within a week!

    Also, when you have time I'd like to buy Silk Touch on my shovel and Depth Strider III on my boots, Thanks!
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