Conquest - A MMORPG-PvP Server [Rebirth]

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  1. MacMeBenny

    MacMeBenny Founder Retired Staff

    Hey guys,

    Me and Lux_Caelum have been brainstorming ideas recently and one that we've thought was to give Conquest it's true potential to succeed. You may of heard about Conquest before (was really popular on last BuildCraftia Forums) or maybe your too new to know about it. But here's a description of what we're thinking for it, give us your thoughts and let us know your feedback... we're probably going to need to do some fundraising - so the more support we get, the faster we can bring this to reality!

    Conquest is the new face of the Minecraft MMORPG-PVP server experience and game play. This revolutionary new server harnesses the culmination of some of the world’s finest terraforming and architectural artwork to create a fantastic and stunning scenery that is nothing but breath-taking. Not only will the server be beautiful, but also adventurous and exciting. Players will choose between either the Nation of Holmstein or the opposing Nation of Fremor and align to one of four clans that swear allegiance to their nation. Each clan has it’s own powerful benefits, so choose wisely. Own a home in one of your nation’s cities or venture out into uncharted territories to start a outpost with your friends and brothers in arms! Sail across rivers, lakes, and bays to seek out the enemy and drive them from your homeland. Raiding and siege will be commonplace and violent. Entire cities may fall if you are mighty enough to rip down their walls and storm the town center. Buy or sell armor, horses, servants, or bodyguards in this epic, cultivating, Skyrim-inspired environment! If battle is not for you, become a tradesmen and set up shop in a city or town to sell your fine wares! Whatever you choose, Conquest will be an immersing Minecraft experience that will change the way you look at Minecraft PvP forever. Now, rise up and head the call! The world is for the taking!

    UPDATE #1:
    Here's a preview of the map terrain...

    UPDATE #2:
    You can now help fund Conquest by donating and sharing this link here:

    Thanks guys,
  2. Mike

    Mike New Member

    Jesus this sounds epic!
    I can't wait :)
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  3. JeremyC

    JeremyC Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    DIS sounds epic
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  4. Acer2332

    Acer2332 Active Member

    Love it.
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  5. Artsy505

    Artsy505 New Member

    OMG this is AWESOME
    And i don't usually say that about pvp
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  6. AardonyxHD

    AardonyxHD Active Member

    Oh damn this sounds cool
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  7. RazerH

    RazerH Moderator Penguin Retired Staff

    This idea would be so awesome, i cant wait
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  8. Quicksteve

    Quicksteve Supreme Overlord Penguin Staff Member Administrator Owner Moderator Event Winner Penguin

  9. xEvilCraftx

    xEvilCraftx New Member

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  10. Miner

    Miner Bye y'all Penguin Retired Staff

    lol goin free lance with a bow, take out traders and such
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  11. Nikesh Patel

    Nikesh Patel New Member

    Yessir, love this idea!
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  12. TemporarilyAlone

    TemporarilyAlone Former BCSN Owner Retired Staff

    Good luck guys!
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  13. MitchMatey

    MitchMatey New Member

    I have been waiting for this for my entire existence.
  14. Miner

    Miner Bye y'all Penguin Retired Staff

    So go ahead and donate to it :D
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  15. Lux_Caelum

    Lux_Caelum New Member

    Follow the Conquest project on Twitter to keep up on teaser pics! We've already released a few and will surely be adding more soon!
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  16. Joshthebest01

    Joshthebest01 Member

    Looking forward to more Moderating work yay! xD (just kidding gunna be fun) :D
  17. Miner

    Miner Bye y'all Penguin Retired Staff

    Conquest is (according to lux) a technically different server than BC, so you wouldn't be staff unless lux appointed you.
  18. Joshthebest01

    Joshthebest01 Member

    oh lol Zach said i could be staff on it if i wanted to xD. And just be an extension to BC job
  19. Miner

    Miner Bye y'all Penguin Retired Staff

    Oh well, i wouldn't know if Zach set something up for the staff between BC and conquest
  20. Quicksteve

    Quicksteve Supreme Overlord Penguin Staff Member Administrator Owner Moderator Event Winner Penguin

    As far as I know, Conquest will be just another thing on the BC Server network, just like Creative, Survival, the Minigames and then Conquest.

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